RHOA Drama: Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker Gather Marlo Hampton

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Marlo Hampton continues to throw jabs at Kandi Burruss.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton are no longer on friendly terms. In fact, Marlo has confirmed that she intended to go after Kandi on the current season. She told Carlos King that Kandi has been coasting on the show for way too long. So it’s time for Marlo to make Kandi work for her check. Kandi feels as if Marlo is just showing her true colors. And she’s not loyal to anyone even if people have done good things for her. In fact, Kandi is one of the people who advocated for Marlo securing a peach. So she’s not okay with Marlo throwing jabs at her and her husband Todd Tucker just to create messy moments on the show.

On the recent episode, Marlo and Kandi had a huge blowup during Sanya Richards-Ross’ trip to Jamaica. Sanya wanted the ladies to bring a plus one. And Kandi brought Todd.

Things were going well until the group got together for dinner. And Marlo called out Ralph Pittman for changing his mind about adopting Drew Sidora’s son. After Ralph tried to explain his decision, Kandi called out Marlo for overstepping when she has her own situation going on with her nephews. This led to Marlo coming for Kandi and Todd’s marriage with some help from past comments made by Mama Joyce.

Kandi and Todd weren’t having it either.

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  1. Although I hate to see these beautiful queens on TV being so vile and hedious towards one another, I can see why it is directed towards Marlo because she is beyond ridiculous!

    “Mar*low” is consumed with hate and jealosy and just picks fights with folk who are not intimidated and/or not impressed by all that outdated and ugly designer stuff she wears.

    Instead of “Mar*low” using her platform to be a positive force, she is trying to humiliate and denigrate women who have established careers and presence. She is truly a clown.

    Sherri is also a two-faced clown. Drew is correct, Sherri throws and brick and hides her hand. Also, Sherrie and “Mar*low” are two of a kind, cut from the same cloth, both focusing on designer labels and the cost of things, instead of focusing their attention on using the platform to be a positive influence.

    “Mar*low” can say what she wants about Kenya and Kandi and even Sanya, they all have an established legacy, what does she and Sherri have?

    1. @justmetoo you hit it right on the head. I have said it many times, marlo is a bully. When a person is not used to anything, they are the loudest, the most obnoxious and narcissistic. MARLO is jealous of Khandis wealth and work ethics. But when I say I am so glad when Todd spoke up cause she forgot he was the producer and knew her background. Nene said it before marlo don’t need to be a fulltime castmast. Bravo made a bad move on that but they like dysfunction among women, especially women of color. Promoting bad behavior.

  2. @justmetoo you hit the nail on the head. Marlo is horrible. Whena person is not used to anything they are the loudest, obnoxious and narcissistic. That’s marlo, her fashion is tacky and she try too hard to be boogie. She doesn’t have the class to pull that off. One thing she is jealous of Kandi’s wealth and work ethics and also her relationship. Marlo speaks on everyone’s relationships but don’t have one on her own. Bravo made a huge error making her a full-time castmate, but bravo enjoys dysfunction and promote bad behavior. Nene said it that marlo did not derserve a peach.

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