Things Get Intense Between Sheree Whitfield & Kandi Burruss at the RHOA Reunion?

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Sheree Whitfield and Kandi Burruss clashed at the reunion.

Kandi Burruss is not happy with Marlo Hampton these days. In fact, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star went into the reunion for Season 14 angry with Marlo’s actions on and off of the show. Marlo has been critical of Todd Tucker. Plus, she questioned Kandi’s record of charitable acts for the Black community. Of course, Kandi didn’t appreciate Marlo saying she was only known in Atlanta and a *** to boot. So fans expected Marlo and Kandi to have some explosive moments when the cast got together recently to film the reunion. Interestingly enough, Kandi also has issues with Sheree Whitfield.

In Sheree’s green screen interview, she didn’t disagree with Marlo saying Kandi is only known in Atlanta. Sheree also seemingly agreed when Marlo said Kandi is a *** who has to date under her tax bracket. Kandi strongly believes that Marlo and Sheree aren’t loyal. And the root of their actions stems from their jealousy of Kandi’s success.

As fans continue to wait for some messy tea about what went down at the reunion, the Peach Report gave some interesting hints. Apparently, Sheree’s cosigning of Marlo’s actions put her in the hot seat.

However, the most interesting tidbit from the blogger was what was said about Kandi and Sheree. It seems as if they had an explosive moment people didn’t anticipate.

The Peach Report tweeted, “Kandi going into the reunion with guns blazing was a no-brainer, but I hear it’s the outcome of her clash with Sheree that might have some surprised. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re still able to move forward in Season 15. 🍑 #RHOA”

Kenya Moore was asked about the reunion while she was doing a meet and greet for her haircare line. And she said she didn’t like how the reunion went.

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  1. Sounds like Kandi on her way out, it’s about time, she doesn’t bring anything to the show, only time she does, is when she gets in arguments with castmates, apparently this argument with Sheree and Marlo got really ugly and did”t turn out in her favor,ohhhhhhhhh, how interesting, Kenya did”t like how it turned out, she’s next, while still trying to peddle that God awful Hair Care Products, it’s been 3 years or more,nobodies buying it!!!

    1. 😂😂
      Kenya’s products are really really good . Don’t like her but don’t tell lies .

      What do you want from Kandi? She takes us on her WHOLE JOURNEY .
      Career , family ,fertility what the hell else is there for her to share?

  2. It’s truly amazing the amount of jealousy and nastiness Kandi brings out of people just because their faves aren’t anywhere near successful. Kandi is going nowhere and neither is Kenya until they are ready to. Continue to seethe. It’s delicious.

  3. Kandi is the most Atlanta person on RHOA. She knows all the powerful people in the city and gets all the good gossip. I don’t think Bravo will ever fire her. And they shouldn’t. Someone broke down on Twitter how much Kandi has actually contributed to the show and it was eye opening for me. Back on topic, Sheree always picks the wrong team. She didn’t interest me at all this season. Sorry. I’m definitely Team Kandi on this because Sheree has always had a jealous spirit. I was done with her when she hated on NeNe. She thought she was going to be the star and has hated NeNe for years because NeNe was the breakout star. I don’t care for jealous and nasty spirited women like Sheree and Marlo. Sorry.

  4. What I like about Kandi is she doesn’t start sh-t with people for storylines. But if you try her, she’ll eat you up. Sheree is fake and her jealousy of Kandi is why she teamed up with Marlo. I hope she was dragged properly. Marlo too. I’m like Queen, I don’t do hating a-s women either. People used to be embarrassed to hate. You didn’t want to be called a hater. Now they are proud to be haters on the internet. And Marlo and Sheree don’t even hide it now because it’s acceptable to be bitter and jealous of more successful people now.

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