Kandi Burruss Questions if Tyrone Gilliams Helped Fund Sheree Whitfield’s Lifestyle

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Sheree Whitfield is on Kandi Burruss’ radar for her onscreen actions.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss hasn’t been feeling some of the comments made by Marlo Hampton. Marlo has accused Kandi of being promiscuous. Plus, she has criticized Kandi’s charity efforts. And she said that Kandi hasn’t done enough to help the “Black culture.” Marlo has also been critical of Kandi’s marriage. She’s accused Kandi of taking care of Todd Tucker financially. To no surprise, this also didn’t sit well with Todd. He doesn’t appreciate being dragged into RHOA drama. Todd also wants people to acknowledge his individual career achievements. This is something he has discussed on the current season. It hasn’t been easy to be in Kandi’s shadow when he has his own success.

Interestingly enough, Sheree Whitfield seemingly agreed to the insults Marlo made about Kandi. In the scene, Sheree nodded her head as Kandi and Kenya Moore were accused of sleeping around. And she also agreed when Marlo said that Kandi can’t attract men in her tax bracket.

Kandi has made it clear that she took issue with Sheree’s part of the conversation. So perhaps this is why she didn’t mind making some of the comments she made in her recent “Speak On It” video.

She recapped the episode. And she also revealed that she has questions about Sheree’s finances. In fact, she questioned where Sheree got enough money to pay for a $10,000 chandelier. And she wondered if Tyrone Gilliams was involved.

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  1. Good question Kandi!!!! But yet she’s plotting to “EXPOSE” Drew and Ralph at the reunion!!… Sheree better think twice before she open up her own closet full of bones…

  2. I want to know too, Sheree’s clothing line ain’t selling that many clothes. How much money did her boyfriend take? Yeah Sheree should not be the one to expose nobody the Feds just might be watching.

  3. Scherer is worried about kandi not meeting men in her tax bracket but she can’t find a man. She ruined her chances first season, first episode trying to get 7 figures from her ex . Girl, if you can’t afford fabrics for your non-existent clothing line and afford to pay people, they should be wondering where her money comes from to buy a chandelier.

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