Martell Holt’s Former Mistress Comes for Sheree Whitfield

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Martell Holt’s former mistress had more to say.

Martell Holt is currently dating Sheree Whitfield. Some fans of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” have already been critical of the romance. They agreed when Melody Holt said Martell has not changed. And they believe he’ll still make selfish decisions no matter who he chooses to date. Well, Martell’s former mistress Arionne Curry isn’t helping his case. She ranted on a Shade Room post about recent sightings of Sheree and Martell. And Arionne accused Martell of still hooking up with her.

Arionne also accused Martell of telling her that his relationship with Sheree is just for business.

Well, Arionne had more to say on social media recently. She posted what she claimed was an email exchange between her and Martell. In an email she claims was penned by Martell, it read, “You told me you grew up. Smh…I feel so bad for you. My heart hurts. Best of luck.”

In response to the email, Arionne wrote, “**** you Martell Holt you made me like this. It took 2 seasons of you discussing me every episode to make her famous and she left you to even say something. I was so dumb!”

She continued, “I hope your 3 daughters never run into a man like you! And loyal to you, you been using me! My heart hurts for you and you still don’t get it! You could’ve moved on and kept it real but you lied about it! Stop placing blame on me! I was loyal to you, you went and got an old ***** best of luck to you! Still a narcissist manipulator trying to make this my fault.”

Arionne also said that Martell’s relationship with Sheree is closure, “Bye don’t email me unless it’s about Knox! We have nothing to talk about my closure was seeing you on the blogs. Yours will be seeing me with my new man. Don’t email me back! You been a liability what you taking about…Slow.”

In another post, she warned women against sleeping with married men.

“And I’m not changing my son name to Maverick! Stop calling him that. His name is Knox. He’s way different from the others hence why you told me you don’t want him every other week like you get the others! Ladies never have a baby by a married man, let me be your example! Someone had to be it 😩. I own my **** now what!

Check out the screenshots in the video below.

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  1. All of them is a bunch of CLOWNS, Martell, Sheree, and Arionne. Arionne feels like the biggest fool as she should that’s why she so mad. She made her bed now she has to lie in it. Stop all that unnecessary ranting because it only proves more and more how stupid you are and how jealous you sound cause he don’t want you. All you was to him was mouth piece h-ll he even called you a peasant so that should have told you something. Martell is acting off his emotions because Melody divorced him as she should have. I’m so glad Melody moved on with her life cause she deserves so much better than this mess.

  2. Urban Belle, please stop giving this child attention. She’s probably the one who also reached out to the Shade Room and Jasmine brand. If you stop feeding “it”, it will go away.

  3. Now look at here this T***K trying to tell woman not to mess with MARRIED MEN …..ah somebody should have told you that but you wouldn’t listen anyway…you are so confrontational can’t nobody tell you S***….You are DELUSIONAL !!!!! And Miss KARMA coming for YOU!!!!!

  4. This poor Woman never gets tired of making herself look like a fool. Lady, you can’t get mad about never being the public face. You are the night woman not a public woman. She knew that man was married and she is shocked when he does not want to be seen with her. Girl bye.

  5. Sheree you to old for that child, he is not all that and a bag of chips, I hope his mistress learn from her mistakes, I don’t condone cheating, he appears to be desperate and so does Sheree pitiful bunch of people.

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