Martell Holt’s Former Mistress Feels Like He Played Her As He Spends Time with Melody Holt?

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A lot has changed between Melody Holt and Martell Holt.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt couldn’t even co-parent at one point. Their divorce was very nasty and controversial. They seemed like a power couple at first. Then Martell’s longtime affair was revealed. Since then, Martell now has a son with Arionne Curry. And while it doesn’t seem as if she’ll appear on the show, it’s clear that the affair played a role in Martell and Melody still clashing. At one point, Melody no longer wanted to film with Martell. She also cut off communication in their real lives as well. So fans began to wonder if they would ever be able to get along for their children.

Well, a lot of progress has been made. These days Melody and Martell actually communicate. Co-parenting has improved. Martell and Melody have even been filming together for the second half of Season 4. This led to some LAMH fans wondering if the former couple got back together. However, Melody recently told her Instagram followers that she and Martell are not together. And she’s very much still single and happy.

With Martell and Melody spending more time together with their children, some have wondered how Arionne has been handling things. And she responded when she was asked if she feels like Martell played her.

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  1. No she wants to be relevant. Melody and Martel were and have been relevant. You slept with her husband. The other woman always feels like he would never do that to me. You get what you get. Try doing something besides sleeping with married men. You need to think more of yourself.

  2. Arione need to seek help immediately. This lifestyles she’s trying to have with someone else husband will not end well for her child and mentally.

  3. Both Melody and Arionne knew who he was when they had a kid by him. These are the consequences!
    All 3 of them need to grow up!

    1. First of all Melody and Martell got back together and was trying to work on the marriage when she got pregnant with Suga Mama. Second she’s the wife not the mistress. The mistress should not be having children with married men.

  4. Melody is not to blame here. Martell and Arionne are. Both have been reaping their karma and I have no sympathy for either. Notice how Martell now wants to straighten up after Melody divorced him and glowed up. I’m so proud of her for leaving.

  5. A woman who was raised right and truly loves herself will never settle for a piece of a man. Sleeping with married men means you don’t love yourself. I pity Arionne because the elders around her truly failed her.

  6. Lauren I’m glad you said it because I really don’t understand why any woman would want to be with a married man. Life is way too short to settle for that. All her youthful years wasted for what exactly?

  7. *clearingh my throat”
    Arionne knew Marty was married regardless of their affair. She got pregnant thinking Marty was going to be with her.
    No Marty didn’t play her. She played herself.

  8. This is a serious question… Arionne, where is your mama or aunties? You need some mature, established, morally upright women in your life.

  9. Her mother was never married so what is she going to teach her.
    She can surely tell her don’t do what I did, get married first, then
    have your children. This woman has two children for married men
    and I’m suppose to feel sorry for her..GTFOOHWTBS
    This woman is dumber than a bag of sh*t.

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