Former ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Richard Duncan Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles + DUI

Black Ink Crew Richard
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Richard Duncan was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

Former “Black Ink Crew” star Richard Duncan issued an update on Instagram recently. This time, Richard opened up about a recent diagnosis and an update on his sobriety journey. Apparently, recent actions behind the wheel landed Richard in hot water.

Richard posted the following statement on Instagram, explaining how he was diagnosed with Bipolar.

I need to be honest and transparent with my IG family. I’ve been having a hard time.

I was diagnosed as bipolar about 2 years ago and it’s been a hard *** journey navigating the ups and downs of this disease, my sobriety journey, being a new business owner-and just LIFE.

Like most people who suffer from bipolar disorder, there are times u go through manic episodes, [and] depressed episodes and sadly become inconsistent with my meds and self/care. When I’m in a bad place, I don’t always make the best choices and consequently, I’ve hurt and let down a lot of people I love in the process. That **** eats me up and I hate it.

Richard takes responsibility for a recent DUI charge.

Later in his statement, Richard speaks about his DUI charge.

Last month I did something really stupid during a manic episode and consequently, got a DUI. I do not condone drinking and driving, drug use, or acting out-mental illness or not. I did something that was so dumb, pointless, and honestly embarrassing.

I can’t promise perfection but the first step is accountability and honesty and I’m working on both. I openly accept the consequences of my actions and I am actively working with my doctors, therapists, and group to get back on track.

I’m sorry to everyone I let down. I am looking forward to active recovery, sobriety, and a fresh start.

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