‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Ryan & Kitty Confront Grief + Kitty Starts a New Chapter

black ink crew chicago season 7 episode 13
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Kitty is sure that 9 Mag isn’t where she wants to be.

Ryan gives Draya and Prince an update about his recent conversation with Miss Kitty. He says that despite Draya’s suggestion, Kitty doesn’t want to work at 9 Mag again. So being an apprentice there is not something she is interested in. After everything that has happened, Kitty doesn’t want to work for someone else. It’s time for her to be her own boss. 

Kitty has a conversation about the situation with Phor and Don. The brothers think it would be a smart move for Kitty to be an apprentice at 9 Mag than try to get tattooing experience on her own. However, Kitty thinks a better option is to go to London and start her shop with Steven. 

Grief is tough for Kitty to process currently. 

Back at 9 Mag, the crew has a medium come to the shop because they believe a ghost lives there. They are surprised when they are told that Don’s deceased sister and Ryan’s deceased grandmother have been there.

Kitty’s dad comes to town to check on her. She admits she hasn’t been doing okay as of late. She really misses her mother and it’s been hard to process her death. It makes her angry knowing that her mother is gone.  Her parents are her best friends. It’s hard to live her life knowing she can’t call to tell her mother about anything anymore.

It’s a new chapter for Ryan and Kitty.

Ryan also has an emotional conversation about grief. His maternal grandmother passed away recently. He visits his grandfather while his mother is there. His mother tells him he’s working too much and not spending enough time with his loved ones. All his grandmother ever wanted was more time to spend with Ryan. So now Ryan has a chance to spend more time with his grandfather. And it’s time for his family to come before his ambitions. Ryan breaks down in tears and hugs his grandfather. 

After giving much thought to her future and present, Kitty makes the decision to fly to London and start her own shop with Steven. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Much love to the cast but this show has run its course. It’s very boring now because there’s no story left to tell. We’ve seen and heard it all. Maybe they should find a new shop and group of people to follow now if they don’t want to straight up cancel it.

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