Sanya Richards-Ross Finds Humor in Criticism from RHOA Fan

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Sanya Richards-Ross has been clashing with Drew Sidora and Kenya Moore.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Sanya Richards-Ross is having an eventful first season on the show. She started off in a friendly place with Drew Sidora. However, Sanya changed her opinions about Drew when she clashed with Sheree Whitfield. Sanya just felt like Drew was doing too much. However, Drew said that her issues with Sheree had nothing to do with Sanya. So it didn’t make sense that Sanya got involved and felt the need to side with Sheree since she and Drew were in a good place. Regardless, Sanya didn’t feel like she was wrong to call Drew out in front of the others. Their friendship has been suffering since. At this point, Drew believes Sanya is a flip-flopper. Kenya Moore agrees.

In fact, Kenya got into it with Sanya during the trip to Jamaica. Sanya hosted the trip. She rubbed Kenya the wrong way when she said the trip would be a couples trip. Kenya is in the middle of a divorce. So she thought this was an insensitive thing for Sanya to say. They were able to move past this after Sanya clarified that Kenya can bring anyone as a plus one. But Sanya and Kenya clashed yet again after Kenya said Sanya not answering her phone made her miss out on the IFIT event everyone was invited to.

Interestingly enough, Kenya and Drew aren’t the only ones who have been critical of Sanya. Some fans of the show have been calling her out on social media as well. And Sanya doesn’t seem to be too bothered about the backlash. She even found some humor in it recently.

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  1. It’s all fun and games until you’re a one season wonder. I want Sanya to get it together. She’s flopping hard. And I’m disappointed.

  2. It was funny 🤭 . They say they’re not feeling the season and yet ratings rised. Bye 👋🏼 Seems like allot of people are tuning in and making a point to get on social media or any other medium to say their point or just add whatever input is “helpful”. Blame the dysfunction in you lol🥴 Honestly Sanya, Drew, Marlo and Sheree, gave something to talk about. I do wish they could of dug deper in kandi and todd, even have Todd’s daughter come on too see the real side of her relationship with reily and not that fake stuff. Kenya was alloy of hearsay and a clutch. We saw divorce preceedings and ugly marriages. Why is kenya so hidden. I am waiting for the reunion and the mess lol

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