Momma Dee Blames Bambi for Distance from Grandchildren + Scrappy Isn’t Having It

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Momma Dee has tension with Scrappy and Bambi.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Momma Dee has been in the headlines plenty as of late. Fans are opinionated about her relationship with Shay Johnson. While Shay was pregnant, Momma Dee posted plenty about her pregnancy on social media. She also said that she is the child’s glam mother. And she didn’t care that critics felt like she was being messy. Some believe she’s been flashy about their relationship. Others have stated that they think it’s odd that Momma Dee would be so involved in the pregnancy of one of Scrappy’s exes. Regardless, Momma Dee has not backed down. She said she will be friends with whomever she wants.

Momma Dee’s relationship with Bambi and Scrappy isn’t the best. Bambi wishes Momma Dee would stop bashing her on social media. So far, Momma Dee has accused Bambi of hurting her relationship with Scrappy. And she has accused Bambi of not allowing her to see her grandchildren.

Well, Scrappy shuts Momma Dee down on the upcoming episode of LHHATL. And he’s not having it after she blames not seeing her grandchildren on Bambi. In fact, he says Momma Dee made the choice not to see them.

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  1. If Momma Dee has time to be messy and run up behind Shay for attention, she has time to go see her grandkids. That’s not on Bambi or Scrappy.

  2. Momma Dee, Momma Dee…get your life please! This “I Wanna Be The Center of Everything All The Time” act has played out. You are too old to be acting like this. I’m still trying to understand why you besties with Shay-Shay. Sometimes you gotta rock within your own age bracket. And you Jurassic Park while Shay-Shay is Avengers: Secret Wars. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. I don’t understand how there are people defending Momma Dee and acting like Bambi is the problem. Momma Dee has a problem with anyone Scrappy is with. Had it been Shay in the end, she’d hate Shay as well. I see right through her nonsense. It’s not entertaining anymore. Scrappy has to put up with so much because Momma Dee is more committed to being messy and getting more TV time than being a mother and grandmother. It’s sad. Fame is a crazy drug.

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