RHOA Recap: Sanya Slams Kenya for Labeling Her Husband’s Actions as Aggressive

RHOA Season 14 Episode 16 Recap
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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sanya continues to have tension with Kenya. Things only worsen after Sheree tells Sanya about Kenya’s comments about Aaron. Sanya immediately becomes angry. And she’s not okay with Kenya saying Aaron spoke to them aggressively while they were in Jamaica.

So Sanya calls Kenya to call her out. And she goes all the way off. So it doesn’t appear they will be on good terms anytime soon.

Plus, Apollo makes an appearance after Sheree decides she needs male models for her She By Sheree fashion show. She’s been struggling to get it all put together on time. He gives her some insight on Tyrone, too.

Here’s a recap for, “It’s Expensive to Be She.”

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  1. Sanye is just ridiculou! Now you just said Kenya ate you up in your last argument and your going to let Sheree instigate another encounter, wow! Sanyee is trying to hard for camera time, to fit in, and to have a problem with Kenya. The question is why does she dislike Kenya so, when Sheree has engaged in the same behavior(s) she gets upset with Kenya about? Is it because she, like Marlo are intimidated by Kenya. Although Kenya can be mean and unnecessarily aggressive, she is a natural beauty, with nice hair, who is articulate, fashionable, and is able to hold her own with the best of them.
    In my opinion, Kenya likes to spar, and most of the time she is looking for a sparring pattern. She uses her words to get to you and most of them can’t match with verbally. Sanye and Marlo should do like Kandy and Sheree for that matter, laugh at Kenya, Cuss her out, or just ignore her foolishness.

  2. Sigh…I have so many thoughts but I’ll keep it short-ish. I understand Sanya has a right to defend her husband but Ross did way too much. Standing up and talking to people the way he did when no one even disrespected Sanya at that dinner was completely unnecessary and it made it seem like Sanya is not able to handle being on this show. He doesn’t need to argue with single women and fight Sanya’s battles. It wasn’t a good look. And Sanya needs to understand that. In that moment he was being aggressive by standing up and cursing at people including two single women who didn’t even have that type of energy with his wife.

  3. I’m almost 100% positive that Ross wouldn’t have stood up and told Kandi or Drew to not “f” with his wife. He did it because Kenya was alone and am I the only one that is seeing that Sheree is always the starting point for Kenya and Sanyas arguments. I like Kenya but I’m sick of her being friends and playing nice to people who stab her in the back every chance they get. This is off topic but how does a lady that is required by her religion to be covered from head to toe your best choice to help with a fashion show. No offense to the lady but I think Sheree hired her maybe because she was the most inexpensive to work with. IMO

    1. Excellent observations. These men love coming for single women and it’s cowardly. Sheree definitely instigated Kenya and Sanya’s beef. I wish Kenya stop playing nice with Sheree too.

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