LHHATL Recap: The Rumors About Joc Continue + Spice Causes Karlie to Break Down in Tears

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” Kendra and Joc tie the knot. However, the rumors aren’t waning. The latest allegations are Joc allegedly has a baby with another woman. Bambi feels like it’s her responsibility to tell Kendra what is being said on the blogs. However, she has some personal business she also needs to handle. Momma Dee believes Bambi doesn’t want her around her grandchildren. 

Luckily, Bambi and Momma Dee are able to have a much-needed conversation after Scrappy gets involved. 

Plus, Karlie is excited about her new record deal. However, her feelings are hurt when Spice questions how serious she really is about her music career. 

Here’s a recap for, “Heirs to the Throne.”

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  1. I feel that everyone is too nonchalant about the Kendra and joc situation. how is she to feel when almost the whole cast knew about his alleged vheating and noonr came.to.her and said anything. How come now everyone wants to remain quiet and stay out of this. From the beginning.of the season when Karlie got invited to jump.out of the cake if she really cared about Kendra she should of decline. It was totally disrespectful what she did then had the audacity to tell everyone and say oh joy isn’t ready for marriage. I feel she’s upset joc chose to settle down with Kendra.

  2. @desssss people want to stay out of it because Joc has multiple Baby Mamas and publicly humiliates Kendra (Every Season).

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