Dr. Eugene Claps Back After ‘Married to Medicine’ Fan Says Dr. Heavenly Respects Dr. Damon

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Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Eugene Harris receive a lot of criticism about their marriage.

Married to Medicine” fans had a lot to say about the recent episode on social media. This is due to the heated moment that took place at Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore’s couples event. They invited the other couples to come over to discuss relationships. And they figured the conversations would help them write their book on marriage. However, a good time eventually turned into drama. Dr. Damon Kimes expressed his disappointment in Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Heavenly Kimes falling out. After he summarized the situation as BS, Contessa was over it. She also told Damon that the only person he has any right to check is his own wife, not her.

The episode put Heavenly and Damon’s marriage in the spotlight. And some fans of the show felt like the episode showed that they have a very good marriage. Some fans even began to compare their marriage to the other marriages featured on the show. And one couple, in particular, they compared with Heavenly and Damon the most is Dr. Eugene Harris and Toya Bush-Harris. These people rate Damon and Heavenly’s marriage much higher.

Interestingly enough, one fan brought this perspective over to Eugene. He clapped back, too.

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  1. Heavenly has some of the most low vibrational and disrespectful fan bases I’ve ever seen. Like Heavenly, they love talking down to everyone else on the show to lift her and her situation up. And they parrot everything she says like it’s the truth. They are not the type of people you have a rational conversation with. With that being said, I have to agree here with Eugene. Heavenly causes the most mess on this show. Damon asked her to stop her behavior a long time ago and she has not listened yet. So how does she respect him? The delusions must stop.

    1. Eugene is a good hard working man. There is no way my wife would disrespect me like that and I’m taking care of her while she is spending all our money. That brother needs to wake up!!

  2. I said last week that I don’t envy Heavenly and Damon’s marriage. I don’t think Heavenly respects Damon either and he acts too terrified to disagree with her about anything. So I’m not sure how they are marriage goals to others but we’re entitled to our different opinions. Regardless, I think some fans overdo it with these comments. Why write that on Eugene’s page unless you were trying to be messy?

  3. It’s about time, Heavenly is being held accountable for her actions and words. Everything that Heavenly said/says is on tv. So I am not sure why Dr. Damon said he was disappointed in Contessa? Unless, I missed it, I never heard him say anything about Heavenly. She is just plain mean and disrespectful.

  4. I agree with Eugene, who needs that type of respect? Heavenly as Damon, himself, said if Heavenly respected him as she claimed she would do as he asked.
    Toya and Contessa were friends at first. Toya brought Contessa to the group and Toya has been blunt and spoken off the cuff since the beginning.

  5. I just can’t believe these people are supposed to be doctors, acting this way. They’re supposed to be setting the highest example for our children. Is this what all those years of education brings us to? No wonder black folks don’t get any respect in America. They are an embarrassment to our people. All for the love of fame and money? Selling your soul to the devil?

    1. When this show first started, there was no arguments, fighting, and name calling “B this and B that”. Respectful entertainment.

    2. why is this show setting a standard for your kids? And why are you leaving it to people on tv to set examples for YOUR kids? YOU BE the damn example. and if you’re not good enough, your problem. You made the dumbest stamement ever.

  6. I think a husband and wife should be able to talk each other down. When you can’t that is a problem. Damon has asked her on many occasions to chill out and she doesn’t. Her calling him daddy which I have always found strange when any woman does it, does not equate to respect. That’s just weird.

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