‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Raq Gains a New Enemy + Kanan Continues to Seek the Truth

raising kanan season 2 episode 4
Photo Credit: Starz/YouTube

On the recent episode of “Raising Kanan,” Raq gains a new enemy. While Unique continues to make his presence known at Juliana’s expense, a new enemy in New Jersey wants Raq to bow down. In fact, she and her brothers are told that they can’t do any business in Newark unless they pay the toll. And Raq isn’t having it. 

Raq is also still actively trying to keep Kanan from forming a relationship with Howard. But Kanan can’t help but seek out Howard once it begins to hit him that Def Con may really not be his father. And Howard has been telling the truth all along. 

Plus, Laverne takes a major step with her biological mother. 

Here’s a recap for, “Pay The Toll.”

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