Yung Joc Claps Back at Backlash from LHHATL Fans Amid Baby News

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Yung Joc is caught up in a lot of drama on LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans had a lot to say on social media after the recent episode aired. On the current season, a lot of focus has been placed on Yung Joc. As he was preparing to marry Kendra Robinson, accusations were made. Meda, one of Spice’s friends, claimed she hooked up with Joc on and off for years. When asked about the most recent alleged tryst, Meda originally claimed that they allegedly last hooked up back in 2019. However, when Kendra called up Meda for answers, Meda said the last time was allegedly back in 2017. Regardless, Kendra said that the dates are still time periods when she was in a serious relationship with Joc. So Joc had some explaining to do. She also said she’d annul the marriage if Joc did any of the things he’s been accused of.

Well, Kendra’s conversation with Joc was more dramatic than fans could have anticipated. Kendra ended up admitting that the rumors about Joc impregnating another woman are true. But since it happened while they were on a break, it wasn’t a deal breaker for Kendra.

It was also said that Kendra already knew about Meda. And Joc told her he messed around with Meda before he was in a relationship with Kendra.

Fans have been calling out Joc and Kendra on social media as a result of what was revealed on the latest episode. Fed up with the criticism, Joc had something to say in response.

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  1. He and his wife signed up for sharing their lives for a check. They can always leave the show if criticism is so triggering.

  2. So is this has he’s managed to keep convincing Kendra to stay with him? Making her feel like his dirt isn’t unique and she can’t do better than him because of the amount of money he has? How typical.

    1. I am with you when you are right cause it really did see like when Erica and Bambi told her she was so upset and crying but now ???

  3. Just responded to a woman who was triggered by me saying Kendra deserves better on an older post on here. She and Joc have a very anti-black perspective of relationships where they think it’s acceptable for black women to deal with toxicity in relationships. They think all black men are like Joc. And when you don’t agree with this perspective, they throw out every stereotype out there about black people to shame you for knowing better is possible. All Joc can do now is hope Kendra stays gullible. Ladies, book smarts mean nothing if you’re still going to let men play with you out here.

  4. I wanna touch on how all of these women have allowed him to fornicate unprotected and then procreated!! Oh hell no!!
    Women need to know that they’re the ones in control when it comes to sex. Make him wrap that thang up!! Men not only help make babies, they spread STDs/STIs.
    Gotta get it together.

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