Audra Frimpong Puts Toya Bush-Harris on Blast + ‘Married to Medicine’ Cast Isn’t Impressed?

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Toya Bush-Harris can rub her coworkers the wrong way with her blunt comments.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris is used to having drama on the show. Sometimes it pertains to her marriage to Dr. Eugene Harris. She’s been accused of embarrassing Eugene and saying things she shouldn’t about him on the show. However, Toya feels as if she’s just being her authentic self. Eugene agrees. And he wanted fans to know that it would take a lot more than what Toya has said on the show to embarrass him. At this point, he’s used to Toya’s bluntness. However, that can’t be said for everyone else. In fact, Toya’s words oftentimes upset other cast members.

On the previous season, Quad Webb clashed with Toya over comments made on Instagram Live. Toya and Dr. Simone Whitmore didn’t feel Quad needed to be a full-time cast member. They were critical about how much Quad shares of her personal life. Toya also called the townhouse Quad was living in as a “******* *** apartment.”

Quad clapped back by coming at Toya’s parenting. Plus, she also accused Toya of taking out a loan to have a pool installed in their custom-built house. And she and Dr. Heavenly Kimes expressed that they think Eugene and Toya sold the house because they couldn’t afford it.

Well, newbie Audra Frimpong had a lot to say about the latest real estate moves made by the couple. But after she made the accusations, it seemed as if it may have fallen flat with the others.

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  1. This was supposed to be embarrassing for Toya but it’s Audra who looks silly here. She’s risking her reputation as a real estate attorney for this silly little beef? Horrible judgment.

  2. Audra just wanted a moment. I get it. Toya is an easy target and Audra is not trying to be fired after one season.

  3. Who dis woman Harpo?

    She is performing too much for the cameras. Well, I hope she made enough from the season to pay for her wedding but this ain’t giving what she thought it’s giving.

  4. These newbies need to do something fresh. They have said something about Eugene and Toya’s finances for years. Clearly they don’t care about the shade and jokes because they keep buying new houses. So find another drag. It’s not interesting anymore.

  5. While Audra was digging into Toya’s financials she should have been billing some hours so she could afford that grand wedding, that she over budget on.

  6. All that time Audra spent researching Toya should have been spent billing some hours, then she wouldn’t be over budget for her wedding. She is to interested in Toya’s finances for her own to be short.

  7. Let me get this right…..people don’t have a problem with people that throw out accusations about people without any facts, but get upset because someone seems to have gotten facts before they open their mouths?!

    1. I think people realize that it’s absolutely bizarre, unprofessional, and foolish that a real estate attorney is on a TV show using the resources she has due to licensure for some petty clap back. It certainly makes her look unprofessional and untrustworthy. You use a platform like this show to grow your business and professional reputation. Not harm it. Actual financial experts don’t shame people for paying off debt by selling properties. Umm, that’s what you’re supposed to do. 🥴

      1. As an Attorney, I guess I thought she would be more professional on camera, I definitely wouldn’t use her same as Heavenly, you see Jackie may get that look on her face but she is seething on the inside to say something but don’t, Jackie say H-ll No, not messing up my coins. This show and LAMH , I thought would be different than LAHH,but the same bickering and fighting

      2. Yeah I get they are going to argue but she’s the only professional on this show who has used her license/job to hurt/embarrass someone. I get that people want to justify this because they don’t like Toya but common sense is an attorney should never do this. And the fact that she did this on television is wild.

  8. One of my best friends is an attorney and she would never do something like this. Like she really has to be mindful about how she moves at all times. Attorneys have to be very careful about what they do because they can be reported to the bar and lose their license for unethical behavior. I was excited about Audra. I just want her to be wiser. Don’t take a gamble with a career you worked so hard for because Toya got under your skin. Don’t blow up your entire house while trying to light someone else on fire.

    1. Hey ask your friend if she can be reported to the bar for pulling up toys person information without calls because Toya didn’t hire her so why are you pulling up my information I’m just asking for a friend 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Now I am the first to admit that I am not an attorney but could she be reported to the bar for looking up toys information without cause I’m just asking because it’s not like Toya hired her to do business all I know I am not jeopardizing my career for no d-mn Toya Bush Harris

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