‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star LaTisha Scott Makes Messy Accusations About Producers?

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Melody Holt and LaTisha Scott’s fallout continues to be a hot topic on the show.

Love & Mariage: Huntsville” star LaTisha Scott fell out with Melody Holt over cheating accusations. Martell Holt accused Marsau Scott of cheating on LaTisha with “20 different women.” This caused tension in Martell and Marsau’s friendship. As for LaTisha, she wanted answers. She attempted to get them from Melody. All Melody would say at the time is that if LaTisha wants to know the truth, she should go out to the places Marsau frequents at night. Melody would later make cheating allegations about Marsau on Twitter. So her friendship with LaTisha fell apart during the show’s first season. Regardless, Melody was ready to move on from the beef after she left Martell. However, LaTisha wasn’t up for this.

While she does also believe Martell shares some blame, LaTisha has been very vocal about her feelings about Melody. LaTisha has accused Melody of trying to destroy her marriage. So her mother Miss Wanda got involved in the messiness. At the height of the drama, Miss Wanda questioned the paternity of the youngest Holt kid. This led to Marsau and Martell having a heated moment while the cameras were rolling.

LaTisha discussed all of the gossip surrounding her marriage during a recent interview. And she made some very interesting accusations about the behind-the-scenes drama.

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  1. Honestly…if people “Producers” are paying people to come on the show and pretend to have had relations with Marsau….then Hunni it’s time for u to EXIT stage left!!! Something in that milk ain’t clean Hunni 💯💯💯 That check ain’t worth staying on the show if it’s trying to destroy your marriage… Make it make sense!!! Somebody get Carlos on the line!!!

  2. That girl is so stupid she know her husband has another women and a baby, that’s the one he took to Africa with him stupid, snap out of it dummy.Latisha has rocks for a brain.

    1. So true. I don’t know what planet she’s on. She chooses to ignore the warning signs. When the boulder knocks her upside the head, she’ll be standing there looking dumb. She’s definitely in denial. A blind man can see what’s going on.

  3. Yeah right, everyone is lying but she is staying in a show that is out to ruin her marriage. Marriages have ended from reality shows that have exposed fewer cracks than this but hers is strong enough to withstand it.

    Latisha just tell people the truth, you have an arrangement that works for you so you are going to stay in the marriage. The show gives you some relevance so you are going to stay on the show also.

    Chile, everyone except Latisha knows that Marsau was not in Africa alone but carry on Latisha.

    1. It was Tisha, who said on the show Martell had matching cars with someone and the other person was not his wife….so who’s marriage you were trying to destroy.

  4. Girl you know you’re husband cheating he’s a natural born cheater just get over it you’re instinct done told you but you don’t want to expect it I could care less if yall was married 21years you’re husband tried of that stanky stuff

  5. LaTisha knows he’s cheating on her. He plays her like a deck of cards. He never gives her a straight answer. And she goes around blaming everyone else and she’s the fool.

  6. LoL..these comments are so on point!! I was done done when he promised her and the kids a trip to Africa and “supposably”needed some alone time and went by himself!!

  7. Chile listen? Every last one of them got issues, And it’s in there best interest for them to decide if they can handle what they accept, hear, or tolerate? No one seems to want therapy and those that participate seems to know about the ones who resist and find it funny that “those people” have the most to define in there marriage.

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