LAMH Recap: Melody & Martell’s Mother Address Their Strained Relationship

LAMH Season 4 Episode 16
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Melody and Martell continue their conversation.

The mid-season premiere begins where things left off between Martell and Melody talking backstage during an event at the newest amphitheater in Huntsville. Melody was asked to host the event. Martell attended with their children.

Things are cordial and they end the conversation with a high five. Martell says things went well.

 Meanwhile, Kimmi and Maurice arrive at the getaway destination with Dr. Francis. Dr. Francis and his spouse Marlow greet them when they arrive. The other couples arrive not too long after. LaTisha and Marsau are the last ones to arrive. They blame their tardiness on a conflict with the nanny and traffic.

Dr. Francis tells them he’s not there to “fix them.” He then speaks about commitment when Tiffany has to step away for a work call. Meanwhile, Maurice still harps on Dr. Francis “fixing him.”

Eventually, LaTisha and Marsau arrive in a somber mood. LaTisha learned one of her college friends passed away while en route.

Marlene calls out Melody.

Back in Huntsville, Martell is driving Marlene around and he’s talking about his recent meeting with Melody. He mentions Melody’s letting her guard down around him. Marlene uses the time to accuse Melody of being disrespectful towards her on Facebook and Instagram.

Despite this, Marlene says she’ll never be disrespectful whe Melody comes around. And she will always love Melody since she’s the mother of Marlene’s grandchildren. This leads Martell to believe she needs to sit down with Melody soon.

Back at the retreat, Dr. Francis plans on addressing the commitment of everyone at the retreat. However, Marsau isn’t really sure if he should take this retreat seriously. He’s going to be open to it. He digs in when Tiffany says work is a priority.

After this lecture, Dr. Francis and Marlowe have the couples tie themselves together at the ankle and walk around for 15 minutes.

Kimm and Maurice struggled with the exercise while LaTisha and Marsau had the easiest time with it.

Stormi invites Melody over to experience her peace room which is full of sound bowls and plats. They use the sound bowls and burn sage as Melody mentions Martell showing up with the kids at the event. It was the first time the former couple filmed together. 

Melody’s hopeful this is a step in the right direction for her and Martell. This also pleased Vanessa. Melody tells Stormi there isn’t a relationship between her and Marlene anymore. Melody didn’t appreciate the comments Marlene made about Melody in an earlier episode.

Producers flash back to a scene in which Marlene accused Melody of overworking Martell while she supposedly did very little.

So, she’s not trying to have a close relationship.

Dr. Francis believes Louis and Tiffany aren’t transparent.

It’s the evening of the first night of the couple’s retreat. The Scott brothers speak to their wives about their time so far at the house. Marsau brings up how LaTisha duped him into this and Maurice expresses frustration in how he and Kimmi struggled with the rope challenge.

This leads to the couples meeting with Dr. Francis and Marlow for dinner. Dr. Francis continues to lecture all three couples and his words cause tears to flow from Tiffany. Specifically, Dr. Francis wants them to open up about their past struggles with commitment which include their previous divorces.

The conversation has Tiffany beginning to reconsider having a baby. Dr. Francis notices that Louis isn’t allowing himself to be vulnerable in his marriage. Both Scott couples use the moment to ask questions. Kimmi then brings up that it appears the Whitlows aren’t transparent.

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