‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: The Bordelons Suffer Another Blow

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 2
Photo Credit: OWN

On tonight’s “Queen Sugar,” Sam Landry and Parker enact their plan to snatch the Bordelon land into action. Parker and Sam speak at a City Council meeting in St. Joe’s to petition to overrule the historical landmark. They face opposition from the Bordelons and other black farmers in the parish.

Despite the opposition, the City Council rules in favor of the Landry family, leaving the Bordelons reeling. Meanwhile, Mrs. Parthena runs out of time to fend off the foreclosure of her farm. Despite help from the Black Farmer Co-Op, they could not get the extension in time and counteract apparent racism from the bank.

Lastly, Micah finds success with creating and selling NFTs, and Aunt Vi and Hollywood help Prosper with his date with Sandy. 

Here’s the recap for, “After a Period, Peace Blooms.”

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