One of the Husbands Cursed Dr. Heavenly Kimes Out at ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion?

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Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Dr. Heavenly Kimes fell out over Heavenly’s YouTube channel.

The current season of “Married to Medicine” has been high on drama. Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Contessa have been clashing. Heavenly’s comments on YouTube haven’t been well received by Contessa. Contessa took issue with what Heavenly said about Dr. Scott Metcalfe. One of her subscribers asked her if she thinks that Scott is abusive to Contessa. Heavenly responded that she thinks that Scott may be emotionally and verbally abusive. She didn’t think much of her answer. However, her answer upset Contessa. And Contessa began to cool off from the friendship. Eventually, Heavenly noticed that their friendship seemed different. She went from talking to Contessa all the time, to barely hearing from her at all. Then the intervention happened, confirming to Heavenly that the friendship soured because of what was said on YouTube.

After the intervention happened, Contessa and Heavenly nearly came to blows. Heavenly eventually apologized for what she said about Scott. Contessa accepted her apology. However, their friendship was still lukewarm.

Dr. Damon Kimes tried to get them back on the right track. However, this only led to a blowup because Contessa felt like Damon was trying to downplay her feelings. She also accused him of taking Heavenly’s side. And Heavenly’s perspective is that Contessa disrespected Damon during the heated moment.

Well, the “Married to Medicine” cast recently filmed the reunion for Season 9. And Heavenly’s comments have fans thinking one of the husbands may have gone off on her while they filmed the reunion.

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    1. I agree with you. Who calls their husband Daddy. Dr. Heavenly is a Bully. She got exactly what she needed. She is so loud and ghetto.

  1. Process of elimination: it was most likely Scott who called her the b word. And Damon must have skipped out on the reunion.

  2. Just because someone called Heavenly B****, that by means that their spouse is one. Heavenly is always stirring up mess and acts shocked and hurt when she causes a stink.

  3. Whichever husband said this was wrong but it is a weird double standard on these shows that annoys me a lot. These women on Married 2 Med and RHOA etc. really think they can say whatever about these men and the moment they clap back, it’s an issue. Like stop speaking on people’s husbands. Heavenly would have a fit if anyone said anything negative about Damon.

  4. What’s the problem being called a b!tch? It’s a term of endearment now not a female dog.
    Yes I’m being facetious.

  5. You got called a b***h cause that’s how you act Deavenly. Your reckless mouth is gonna get yo ignorant ass checked. it ain’t cute, neva was, and neva will be. That stupid laugh was cause you got called out in front of everybody the same way you go on social media and talk ish about everybody, and you couldn’t handle being put on front street.

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