One of the Husbands Cursed Dr. Heavenly Kimes Out at ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion?

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The upcoming “Married to Medicine” reunion must have been a messy one.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes doesn’t mind spilling “Married to Medicine” tea on social media. On the current season, she’s at odds with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe. Although Contessa doesn’t like what Heavenly said about Dr. Scott Metcalfe, Heavenly thinks the situation has been overblown. And at this point, she’s convinced that Contessa has latched on to the issue to have a storyline. Contessa strongly disagrees. She said the problem is Heavenly talks about everyone on her YouTube channel. Contessa doesn’t think that this is something that real friends do to each other.

Well, the cast recently filmed the reunion for Season 9. Afterward, Heavenly gave her Instagram followers an update after they wrapped. And she was with Dr. Jackie Walters while she filmed the video.

In the video, Heavenly said, “I survived the reunion. I’m just taking a picture cause I want to show if I did have a fight, I ain’t hurt or nothing. Okay? Jackie, did I get my *** whipped?”

Jackie answered, “You did.” She added, “You ran.”

Jackie and Heavenly laughed.

Did one of the husbands come for Dr. Heavenly Kimes at the reunion?

Regardless, Heavenly feels she said what she needed to, “I gave the people what they wanted and they needed. The reunion is over. Are you glad the reunion is over?”

Jackie is happy the reunion is over, “Oh yes…it’s a great feeling.”

Heavenly then went on to say some very interesting things about one of the husbands.

She said, “Between me and y’all, and I ain’t in my closet, but if a man calls you out your name, leave him. Leave him you deserve better. Don’t let no man call you no *****. Okay? Don’t do that. That’s your husband. He say that to you, let him go.”

Heavenly continued, “He don’t respect you. My husband…I’ve been with him 25 years. He never called me out my name. Cause if you call another woman a *****, right, what are you calling your wife? I’m just saying. I ain’t calling no names, but if you call me a *****, you a *****, okay? That’s all I’m saying. And I’ma leave y’all with that, okay? Bye.”

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    1. I agree with you. Who calls their husband Daddy. Dr. Heavenly is a Bully. She got exactly what she needed. She is so loud and ghetto.

  1. Process of elimination: it was most likely Scott who called her the b word. And Damon must have skipped out on the reunion.

  2. Just because someone called Heavenly B****, that by means that their spouse is one. Heavenly is always stirring up mess and acts shocked and hurt when she causes a stink.

  3. Whichever husband said this was wrong but it is a weird double standard on these shows that annoys me a lot. These women on Married 2 Med and RHOA etc. really think they can say whatever about these men and the moment they clap back, it’s an issue. Like stop speaking on people’s husbands. Heavenly would have a fit if anyone said anything negative about Damon.

  4. You got called a b***h cause that’s how you act Deavenly. Your reckless mouth is gonna get yo ignorant ass checked. it ain’t cute, neva was, and neva will be. That stupid laugh was cause you got called out in front of everybody the same way you go on social media and talk ish about everybody, and you couldn’t handle being put on front street.

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