Meda is Tired of LHHATL Fans Calling Her Yung Joc’s Side Chick

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Yung Joc is currently in the hot seat on LHHATL thanks to rumors and past flings.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars have a lot to say about Yung Joc on the current season. When the season started, he and Kendra Robinson were days away from their wedding. While they were nervously trying to get everything just right, the other cast members were doing a lot of gossiping about them. Spice’s friend Meda told her that she has been hooking up with Joc on and off for years. But she didn’t know that he has been in a serious relationship with Kendra. She said that not having cable or watching the show are the reasons why she had no idea that Joc has been with Kendra for years now.

It was eventually revealed that Joc did tell Kendra about his past with Meda. However, Kendra was under the impression that Joc didn’t sleep with Meda while he was in a relationship with her. Kendra also admitted that Joc did have a baby with another woman. But since Joc impregnated her while he and Kendra were on a break, Kendra didn’t feel the need to cut Joc out of her life.

On the recent episode of LHHATL, Bambi and Erica Mena attempted to get some answers from Meda while everyone was at Spice’s Graci Noir fashion show. Meda wasn’t feeling this at all. And she had more to say on Instagram.

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  1. Sorry but that’s what she is and was. She didn’t live with him and He wasn’t taking her around other cast members and he was with Carly when she said she was with Joc. So what does that make her? (SIDE CHICK)

  2. She didn’t have to tell anyone about being with Joc. She was doing a man who had a woman, who didn’t take her out in public, who didn’t tell anyone about her. SIDE CHIC.
    These side chics need to learn their place, the darkness. They are not supposed to known.

  3. vh1 did this to be messy. all of a sudden here come Meda saying she and Joc has been messing aroundas late as 2020. then she wants to say only orally. She should have just kept her mouth close but I just anything for a storyline.

  4. Whether a man tells you he’s in a relationship or not, you’re still a side chick. You’re literally still someone he only entertains on the side of his actual relationship. What made Meda look stupid was she has been on this show bragging about sleeping with Joc like it’s some type of accomplishment. Then she said she’ll always have his heart (delusions because she never did). I really want all women to smarten up. Too many of us become complete idiots for men. Just because a man sleeps with you for over a decade doesn’t mean he cares about you. It’s the convenience of having access to your body whenever he wants that he loves. With that being said, Kendra looks foolish as well. The fact that Joc had so many options with women despite having multiple kids with different women is absurd. Is it because he is famous? Has money? Get your own money, ladies, so you won’t settle for toxicity because you want your lifestyle upgraded.

  5. Mesa messed with Joc and saw who he was and decided to stay with him throughout around 14 years because of s-x. She would be around when he wanted articulate company. Erica confirmed this when she said she actually remembered seeing Meda with Joc one night when it was all couples. I know this p-ssed off Kendra because the dummy realized he brought Meda around other people. Meda not liking being labeled a SC because she rationalizes the bs in her head.

    Kendra had the worst self esteem issues and I wonder if she was overweight or something from childhood because this beautiful educated sistah was crying about how she gives Joc’s kids $ AND give the moms $ too?!?!? THEN begs Jo to marry her because she’s tired of being a girlfriend or fiance? Sis in competition with these ladies? She trying to prove she’s the winner of Joc’s heart? This is the prize? She’s so desperate she’s willing to be FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE to a break baby for the next 18yrs??? Because Yandy knew not to sign the papers that would make her responsible for Mendeecees’ restitution, etc. Kendra us an attorney SHE KNOWS JUST LIKE SHE KNEW ABOUT THE BABY AND MEDA BUT PLAYED STUPID FOR BAMBI & ERICA.

    I’ve stopped feeling bad for Kendra a while ago. 😏

  6. Meds should have shut up and kept that to herself I mean really you bragging about having s-x with Joc and always having his heart seems to me somebody else got his heart. These broads are dumb

  7. All these fools have broken homes syndrome. They cant help but leave single parent homes. Meda played herself with actually very low standards she set for herself. She is very much projecting her anger. Where was your faith. I just know my God wouldn’t want my love to hide. Kendra looks crazy and she is a lawyer, so let that sink in. What sad broken women. All reason and drive is thrown out for some folks.

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