Marlo Hampton Exposed After RHOA Reunion + Kandi Burruss Wasn’t Moved by Tearful Speech

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Marlo Hampton has really rubbed Kandi Burruss the wrong way.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss has been a hot topic on social media for hours thanks to recent accusations. Fans have noticed the tension between Kandi and Carlos King. On Carlos’ podcast, “Reality with The King,” some past guests made some controversial comments about Kandi. Marlo Hampton said that Kandi has been coasting on the show and this is something Carlos said when he was a producer. Sheree Whitfield came on the show and said that Kandi has way too much power behind the scenes. And she thinks Phaedra Parks should make a return to the show. Then, of course, Carlos has had other conversations about Kandi’s point on the show currently. He thinks she should bow out gracefully.

Fans straight up asked Kandi what her status is with Carlos during a live “Speak On It” session. And Kandi said that she doesn’t deal with Carlos at all anymore. She insinuated that she felt he crossed her. But in a recent interview, she accused Carlos of going behind her back to do a movie about her and Xscape for TV One. This hurt her because she fought for him to be an executive producer on her spinoff show. She said that this was his first shot at ever being an executive producer for any show.

Well, Kandi continues to spill tea and speak her mind in her interviews. She recently gave her thoughts on part 1 of the reunion. And she wasn’t moved by Marlo’s emotional speech.

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  1. I now understand why Kenya didn’t like this reunion. It was disappointing that they gave her a “sob story solo” for the 2nd half of the episode. Everything she said could have been explained throughout the 17 episodes of the season. Now it’s VERY convenient and manipulative as most of her moves were. Even though I know it probably isn’t, I hope it’s her last season

    1. I hope it’s Marlo last season also.I think she’s fake and an Big BULLY. She seems to start mess with someone. And when someone retaliate, she wants to start her sad feelings about how people treat her.

  2. Kandi does need to bow out. She is boring. But as long as Brovo gives her a bag she will be on it. They would get way more railings with NeNe and Phaedra.

    1. I like Kandi. She’s an very intelligent and beautiful person. She’s a kind person. She cares and help people. I hope she doesn’t leave the show.

    2. Marlo is not the first to say what she said about Kandi. Kandi’s reputation regarding s-x and men has been in the Atlanta streets and talked about on rhoa for years now. Kandi is boring and fake. She loves to go on any show that will have her and try and make her co-workers and others look bad. It’s never Kandi who is in the wrong. Kandi is the reason rhoa is in such a bad place now.5947

  3. Marlo is a waste of camera time, her episodes are boring and filled with manufactured chaos. Please do not bring her or sad Sheree back ever.

    1. I agree. She should not return to the show. And Sheree is messy. She talks about Kandi. And she says Kandi is not a friend. Why should she be friends with someone who talks about her. I was shocked about how Sheree was agreeing with what Marlo was saying about Kandi. And like Kandi was saying to both ladies, “I give back what you give me”.

  4. I like Kandi. I think she should stay on the show. She’s an beautiful person on the inside and out. And a caring person. She don’t put a person down or start mess with anyone . Like she says ” Don’t start nothing and it won’t be nothing. She’s fair to her friends.

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