YouTuber Funky Dineva Blasts Martell Holt & Sheree Whitfield

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Sheree Whitfield and Martell Holt’s relationship is under scrutiny.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt made headlines after Sheree Whitfield said they are currently dating and spending a lot of time together. While Sheree was giggly about this at the latest “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, Andy Cohen had some questions about Martell’s failed marriage. And he wanted to specifically understand what Martell did to Melody Holt. Kenya Moore didn’t mind getting Andy up to speed. She told him that Martell cheated on Melody multiple times. Plus, he ended up getting his longtime mistress pregnant before Melody officially filed for divorce. Interestingly enough, Kandi Burruss and Drew Sidora have already expressed that they think Martell and Sheree’s romance is nothing more than a publicity stunt and storyline material. They aren’t impressed.

Whether people believe the relationship is real or not, Sheree has still been receiving backlash for linking up with Martell. Critics feel as if Sheree has a nasty habit of ignoring red flags when it comes to the men she chooses. Interestingly enough, YouTuber Funky Dineva slammed Sheree recently for the romance. In the process of calling out Sheree, Funky also went off about an alleged phone call he had with Martell recently.

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  1. He nailed it with his description of Martell. But it’s pretty obvious now Sheree and Martell aren’t actually dating. Both stay in perpetual fear that they will be fired from the shows they are on. So they are helping each other keep those checks. Nothing more, nothing less. Is it pathetic? Oh 100 percent.

  2. I understand Sheree has fans but I’ve never been one. I don’t enjoy watching a Housewives show to see a woman constantly make horrible decisions professionally and romantically. It’s not entertaining when I expected to see women being bosses, living in luxury, and throwing shade here and there. Sheree’s storylines are always so raggedy. Who wants to see Martell’s evil self on TWO SHOWS? Martell has me wanting to stop watching LAMH too. People have so much to say about Wanda but Martell is who ruins the show for me.

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