‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Don Clashes with Ashley + Phor & Nina Hash Things Out

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The men open up about their issues.

Phor and Don catch up with Ryan at a restaurant. Ryan says that the recent conversation he had with Van was tough. He had no plans to talk to Van ever again because what happened hurt him. But he realizes he should have never had Van in his circle in the first place because he wasn’t a real friend. And he only looked out for himself when it came to the lawsuit. 

Don says he and Ashley are back in a bad place. He’s been getting therapy to deal with his past traumas, but Ashley has not. So Don wants them to talk to a therapist together.

As for Phor, he and Nina are barely speaking after their recent blowup. 

Things have to change at 9 Mag. 

Nina talks to Kitty about the blowup she had with Phor. She believes he wants to control her life. And Phor told her he loved her just to get on the show and say she was just a fling. She understands they have to put their son first and learn how to co-parent. It’s just been frustrating dealing with Phor. 

Draya surprises Prince with a new tattoo machine after his last one was stolen. He’s so thankful since it was a huge source of stress. 

Ryan talks to his mother about his situation at 9 Mag. He says the point of hiring people was so he could spend more time with his sons. However, some people are showing up to work late or not at all. So this forces Ryan to work overtime. His mom tells him he has to get rid of the dead weight. 

Don and Ashley clash.

Ashley and Don attempt to talk out their issues. For Ashley, she just wants Don to be supportive of her having a career of her own. She wants to be a nurse. Don says he’ll support her. He just needs her to lay out what the plan is and what steps are required. But Ashley says Don didn’t have to do that when it came to her supporting his dreams. 

In a green screen interview, Don says the issue is Ashley will start stuff and lose interest. So he just needs to know how serious she is about getting into the medical field. 

After they argue about who did what for who, Don decides it’s time to end the conversation. He storms off. Ashley follows him to continue the conversation but Don drives away. 

Nina starts a new chapter.

Phor and Nina decide to talk things out. Nina has decided to move to Atlanta. She didn’t want to once again move somewhere for Phor. And she’s always wanted to live in Atlanta. Phor understands. He just wants them to get better at co-parenting. 

So he’s there to see them off on moving day. It’s a very emotional day for Nina and Phor. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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