First Look at Ceaser’s Final Season on ‘Black Ink Crew’ is Released

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It’s the end of an era.

Black Ink Crew” fans were shocked when VH1 fired Ceaser from the show. However, those in charge felt like they had no choice but to do so after a video of Ceaser allegedly abusing a dog went viral. On social media, people had a lot to say about the situation. Some felt like Ceaser being removed from the show was the right thing to do. Others questioned why the abuse accusations made by his daughter Cheyenne didn’t have the same result. As for Ceaser, he doesn’t like how his relationship with the network ended. He said that executives did an investigation when Cheyenne made her accusations. But they didn’t investigate anything before firing him over the dog situation.

Ceaser also said that he feels like the cast members are put in unfair situations. And their personal struggles and pain are exploited on the show for viewers’ entertainment. Sky’s departure from the show is also something he didn’t care for. So he’s planning to do another show with her in the near future.

In the meantime, a new season of “Black Ink Crew” is around the corner. VH1 released the first look at the new episodes. The episodes will show what led up to Ceaser’s exit. However, some fans are talking about the show’s promotional campaign doing away with Ceaser altogether.

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  1. Ceasear isy favorite dude and they shouldn’t take his happy because of something they don’t know the REAL behind. Power to Emanuel and I hope he comes out winning.Go Ceasear….

  2. What??? I never comment on articles but I had to. VH1 is being unbalanced seriously. Idk about even watching the 10th season. Ceaser is a friend of a friend of mine and I don’t think VH1 should have done so. Is the dog dead? Nope.

    Dog decides the company’s direction I guess. Nonsense.

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