‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Sam Landry Gets Revenge + Darla Learns News Regarding Attacker

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 4 Recap
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On tonight’s “Queen Sugar,” Darla has to make a trip to Washington DC thanks to Blue getting in serious trouble at school. Dissatisfied with the curriculum, Blue makes a bold choice that could get him kicked out. And while in DC, Darla learns new details about the person that assaulted her while she was unconscious.

Micah has a decision of his own to make regarding his future with NFTs. 

Meanwhile, the Farmer’s Co-Op faces a major setback at the hands of Sam Landry. This is in retaliation for Nova’s protest.

Next, Vince finally learns what’s been holding Billie back in their relationship. She also witnesses Prosper make a life-changing decision for himself and Sandy. 

Lastly, Aunt Vi finds out Joaquin’s mom was deported and offers to help Joaquin and his brother.

Here’s the recap for, “Spaces Fill.”

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