‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Sam Landry Gets Revenge + Darla Learns News Regarding Attacker

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 4
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Blue is in serious trouble at school.

Darla and Ralph Angel are at a local pool and RA is getting a valuable lesson on trusting Darla. She’s helping Ralph Angel float and is making sure he’s safe.

Later on, Blue called with bad news. He got in trouble at school and Darla has to make a last-minute trip to Washington DC to tend to Blue. Ralph Angel gives assurances that he’ll be alright with their daughter.

Authorities are looking for Joaquin.

Meanwhile, Billie surprises Prosper and Sandy. She had a bad breakfast with Vince and she wanted to vent about it. Aunt Vi also gets a visit from child services regarding Joaquin and his brother. Apparently, their mom hasn’t been home and they haven’t been to school.

At the co-op, Ralph Angel inspires the farmers to bid on Mrs. Parthena’s land. It was a tough sell as they have to use their own land as collateral.

At Zane’s NFT shop, he learns what is selling on the NFT market; embarrassing moments. Micah scoffs at the idea even after sharing a text from one of his exes. Meanwhile, Aunt Vi confronts Joaquin about the child services visit. He says his mother is likely being detained by ICE. So he and his brother are in hiding until she can return from Mexico.

Ralph Angel makes it to the class.

Ralph Angel makes it to the “Baby and Me” classes when he runs into his friend Toine. Darla also sits in with the principal and learns Blue hacked into the school’s computer system. Blue did it because he didn’t like how the history lessons were going. He previously shared historical relevant information with the school in the summer. While Darla wants Blue to apologize for his actions, she supports why he did it.

Meanwhile, Hollywood is surprised and somewhat frustrated to learn Joaquin and his brother will be staying with him and Vi. He reminds Vi that Joaquin was part of the group that trashed the diner.

Billie opens up to Vince.

Vince was able to cool off after his tense breakfast with Billie. They’re inside horse stables walking and talking. Billie finally opens up about how she felt about everything and explains what happened with her and Jimmy Dale. She also lets Vince know she’s experienced personal growth and feels they are growing apart. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel learns Toine retired from the police department and now volunteers with trans kids in the community.

At the gallery, Micah meets a photographer who also taught his professor. He loves her photo of the love of her life. Micah is warned not to allow anyone else to define him as an artist. He has to define himself.

While at home, Nova hears from her agent about the movie rights offer. Nova’s still nervous about it but the studio wants to meet with her.

It looks like Blue wasn’t suspended and Darla’s proud of how her son stood up for himself. While eating ice cream,
a college friend walks up to Darla. Darla explains that a person they know named Chase r*ped her. So she didn’t care to learn that Chase is running for Congress.

Sam Landry spoils plans.

It’s time for the auction and the entire co-op showed up. Bidding for Mrs. Parthena’s land begins at $200,000. However, Sam Landry comes in and ruins their plans. He bought the land for $700,000 to spite them because the city council reversed their decision regarding not designating the Bordelon Farm as a historical site in light of Nova’s ring shout.

At Prosper’s, Prosper insists Billie show up to the harvest potluck put on by the farmers. Billie suspects Prosper is planning something for her. Meanwhile, Aunt Vi and Hollywood hear from Ignacio who’s happy to learn they took his children in. Ignacio says he’ll request that Vi and Hollywood be their temporary guardians.

The social worker comes over for an inspection and grants the kids a stay while they complete their application for temporary custody. However, Aunt Vi winces when she learns about the upcoming background check. Later, Darla makes it back home and she’s spending quality time with Ralph Angel at the potluck.

Aunt Vi greets a friend who eyes Billie. She brings up what she heard about Billie and Aunt Vi shuts it down. She explains how Jimmy Dale caused all of it and scolds her about it.

Micah lames a controversial decision.

At Micah’s apartment, Zane really isn’t feeling Micah’s pitch about a change in direction. Zane pulls him aside and explains his grievances with Micah’s ideas. As Zane leaves with his associates, Micah contemplates selling an NFT of Charley rushing the floor of Davis’ game after learning of the cheating and assault allegations. Ultimately, Micah decides to upload the gif to the NFT marketplace.

Later on, Vince arrives at the potluck at the urging of Prosper. He speaks to Billie, explaining he’s willing to give her the space she needs now but gives an ultimatum for her to return and wed. Afterward, Prosper gives a speech addressing the co-op. He also proposes to Sandy.

The episode ends with Sandy accepting the proposal and everyone celebrating.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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