RHOA Producers Have No Desire to Bring Back Porsha Williams for Season 15?

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Porsha Williams’ exit from RHOA came during a controversial time in her life.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans had a lot to say about the most recent season on social media. Casting has been a controversial topic. Season 14 came with the departures of Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey. Cynthia was reportedly offered a friend contract and turned it down to start a new chapter outside of Bravo. As for Porsha, she wanted to take a break and focus on her own show, “Porsha’s Family Matters.” It was also suspected that Porsha wanted to step away from RHOA because she didn’t want her engagement to become a hot topic on the show. She is currently engaged to Simon Guobadia. And he is the former husband of Falynn Pena, who was a guest on a past season and introduced on the show as Porsha’s friend.

Marlo Hampton was promoted to a peach holder. Sanya Richards-Ross joined the show as a new peach holder, plus viewers saw the return of Sheree Whitfield. Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore as well as Drew Sidora returned in main roles.

When it comes to the season, some fans were happy with the cast. Others have been asking for Porsha, Cynthia, Phaedra Parks, and NeNe Leakes to return. So there have been rumors floating around about casting for Season 15. Some have even suspected that producers could be in talks with Porsha to come back since it is more likely she’d be back before Phaedra or NeNe would.

Well, it seems as if producers are very happy with the cast they had for Season 14 and Porsha is still out.

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  1. Sigh…are Bravo and production deliberately trying to ruin this show? This last reunion was awful and the season was so dry. But whatever. If these networks don’t care about their shows succeeding, why should I?

  2. Unpopular opinion but if Porsha isn’t going to talk about that messy engagement of hers, then she shouldn’t come back anyway. She cheated producers out of a good storyline with her, Simon, and Falynn because she was scared of being read and bashed for what she did. If I was a producer, I wouldn’t rush to bring her back either if she’s not going to be real.

    1. Your opinion isn’t unpopular at all. I think Porsha’s diehard stans are the only ones who want her back. I don’t need her on the show. She’s changed a lot. And she went from bubbly, funny, and likable to someone I really don’t care to see on TV anymore. The fame changed her unfortunately.

  3. Porsha can stay gone. I believe she makes RHOA too dark just like Marlo does. Having both back on the show again would be exhausting. One or the other please.

  4. Porsha has become too much of a diva like NeNe! I’m not surprised she was not asked back! Andy said she’s on a break because it’s good PR. But I do think she burned bridges with her spinoff! Cursing out producers, camera crew, allegedly assaulting a producer after trying to fight Dennis and his momma…yep! I’m not surprised producers haven’t approached her!

    1. It was a wrap after Porsha hit someone on production. I couldn’t believe she did that. She was so unhinged on that spin-off. It’s best she and Simon stay away.

  5. Last year everyone was calling her Everything but a Child of God!
    This year you guys are singing a different tune.
    Keep the same energy ladies !

  6. I don’t want Porsha back and most don’t. Don’t want Phaedra either. People aren’t disappointed because Porsha isn’t coming back. People are mad it’s going to be the same group from season 14. Bringing back the whole cast is such a weird choice. Sanya, Sheree and Marlo just didn’t do it for me. I’d like to see Eva back since she’s close to Drew. Drew needs a real friend on the show.

    1. This. You can go on Urban Belle’s IG page and comments reflect this. Stopped liking Porsha after that terrible spinoff. The fact that producers didn’t even contact her is interesting though. Maybe they now realize she isn’t needed. The last season Porsha was on was boring too. Now with this current cast, it’s just not giving. Marlo never needed a peach. Sheree never delivers. Sanya played herself. Kenya and Kandi didn’t have much going on. Drew was the only one who brought it. And that reunion? Awful. I think it’s NeNe who should come back honestly. After Gregg’s death, she has the most compelling life story.

      1. I’m starting to accept that NeNe isn’t ever coming back. Just like Porsha, assaulting production and dragging Andy was a sure way to burn that bridge. 😢

  7. I thought for sure they’d bring Porsha back because the ratings were under a million at some point. But I guess they felt like there was no need to when the ratings started to hit the million mark as the season progressed. Reunion ratings were really good too. That’s the thing about reality TV. They need you until they don’t. Porsha stopped being a fan favorite because of the Simon mess. Then the spinoff was the final nail in the coffin. Crazy to see Porsha become so unlikable and unnecessary on a show she used to be essential on.

  8. While I feel the season was wack and the reunion was trash, Porsha doesn’t need to come back. She’s not who she used to be. Back in the day Porsha was light and funny. Now her whole persona is negative and dark. That spinoff was one of the worst decisions she’s ever made.

  9. I am SURE season 14 reunion was the WORST in RHOA history and the season was a tab bit BOARING!!!! Say what you want about Porsha she kept you laughing in her confessionals….but truth be told Porsha don’t seem to be PRESSED about RHOA…Drew is the ONLY reason i still watch the show.I don’t expect season 15 to be any better…

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