‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Problems Worsen for Lou Lou + Raq Continues to Plot

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On the recent episode of “Raising Kanan,” Jukebox gets some much-needed closure about Nicole. Nicole’s father is appreciative of the time Jukebox spent with her. He knows his daughter was in love. While Jukebox feels guilt, Nicole’s father says her death was inevitable because her parents’ toxic marriage stressed her out. 

Raq’s problems with Boselli will likely reignite after his son Marco’s decision to do a job for Marvin goes south. Marvin paid Marco to kill Toni and her boyfriend. But Marco ends up dead when he’s shot by accident. 

Lou Lou finds out through violence and threats that Crown had a bad debt he didn’t pay off before he was killed. Now Lou’s studio could be taken away from him. So he enlists help from Cartier. But the help will cost him some ownership. 

And Burke pursues Symphony as she investigates Howard’s shooting.

Here’s a recap for, “No Love Lost.”

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