Martell Holt Plans to Cut Up at ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Reunion

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Martell Holt is expecting to have another eventful moment at the upcoming LAMH reunion.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt is no stranger to drama. In fact, Martell’s drama has played out on and off of the show. When it comes to the demise of his marriage, Melody Holt said his failure to be faithful wasn’t something they could get past. He ended up having a child outside of their marriage. Arionne Curry, the woman he impregnated, is someone he’s been dealing with for years. To no surprise, Melody and Martell’s divorce was very messy. Unfortunately, their co-parenting relationship hasn’t been any better. Not only have both made some messy accusations, but Martell has now filed for full custody of their children.

LAMH fans thought Martell and Melody were on better terms after they saw both vacation together with their children months ago. But the peace between them clearly did not last very long.

Interestingly enough, Melody isn’t the only person Martell has issues with. He nearly came to blows with Marsau Scott after Miss Wanda questioned the paternity of their youngest daughter. Melody confronted Wanda in person and Martell stood in between them to keep things from getting violent. At some point, he and Marsau exchanged words. And they had to be restrained once a skirmish ensued.

Well, Martell recently wanted to let fans know that he’s ready to cut up at the reunion.

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  1. He is going to tell all of the tea with the Scott’s now we will find out about all the women the Scott boy’s have been with.

  2. I’m actually with him when it’s about the Scotts. They should understand his behavior when miss wanda she what she said about their baby. Anybody would have acted like martell…even them. As far as the 20 women comment, I believe martell. He lashed out because marsau was making jokes about him getting caught cheating and martell said what he said. Not excusing him at all but listen to what he say. It’s messed up but true

  3. I’m for it this time and I hope he spill the beans on the Scott men. I can’t wait for LaTisha smile turn to a frown, she always talking about we’ve been married the longest put some respect on their marriage. Girl had a pea brain, when Marsau is talking to her it’s like he’s talking to a child. She has degrees but that’s about it. Her Mother will have her with no friends or a husband.

  4. Martell lies a lot. And when he does, it’s always a twenty something number he throws out:

    1. Marsau and Maurice cheated with 20 other women

    2. Melody cheated with 20 different men

    3. Melody has 25 different babysitters.

    He’s not going to do anything at the reunion but lie and show no proof as always. Overall, this season is boring. I think the show peaked two seasons ago.

    1. I agree! It has become sad and petty! They stopped building together and discussing building up the community. All we here is cheating allegations and dumb gossip. Why is Destiny still on the show?

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