Toya Bush-Harris Breaks Down in Tears Over Altercation with Mariah Huq

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Toya Bush-Harris has her share of feuds.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris is having a lot of drama on the current season. Toya still isn’t on the best of terms with Anila Sajja. And after recent events, it doesn’t seem like that will be changing anytime soon. Toya feels Anila helped spread the cheating rumors within the group. And after Anila’s house was broken into, Anila questioned if Toya had any ties to or information about the crime. Another person with the same questions was Quad Webb. And she will press Toya about this on the upcoming episode. In fact, Quad dared Toya to get physical like her moment with Audra Frimpong.

Toya and Audra’s drama started after Toya jokingly told Audra she wasn’t a good attorney. Audra got even by challenging Toya’s claim of making a million from selling her house. She even accused Toya and Dr. Eugene Harris of having 7 liens. Although Toya brushed off the accusations, they did end up in each other’s faces. And Toya mushed Audra before they were restrained.

Although Toya felt she had a right to defend herself, she does apologize to Audra about their incident. She also breaks down in tears as she discusses her past altercation with Mariah Huq.

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  1. Overall, I think Toya is a good person at heart. She is trying to be a better person, but her enemies keep trying to hold her to her old self. Everyone needs grace and room to grow. Also, outside of Simone sometimes, no one rallies around Toya, shows compassion for her, or reach out to her and tell her to be mindful what she is saying on this national platform.

    And even when Simone comforts Toya, it is sidelined or in her interviews that she speaks on her behalf instead of calling the others out front and center on how they treat her.

  2. Good for you toya for acknowledging your truths. I could not understand the hate on Audra when she was actually the one being targeted for no reason. Audra and her husband is easy and fun. Toya mouth can get really reckles. She is so self involved and out of touch with her own reality. But hey, she likes the delusion and thrives on being unnecessarily pretentious. I’m here for the mess lol! I hope toya and anila can get back as friends too. They both should apologize because both could be criminal implications. Anila is willing but toya is too proud once again to admit her messy ways. That’s another friendship I don’t understand why toya couldn’t stand on her own integrity in her own words to move on , but I digress. I like Audra and hope she stays along with Anila. It’s refreshing to have a diverse cast that is not homogeneous.

  3. Look at Quad and Anila. They are mad Toya apologized to Audra. They don’t want Audra and Toya to be cool.

    1. Why is Toya bringing Mariah into her drama with Audra. Mariah recently revealed she is not in contact with any of the cast. Toya mentioned last year she is not in contact with Mariah. Toya voted Mariah out in Season 2.

  4. The way Audra told the world about Toya and Eugene’s finances regarding the sale of their home, she never would have gotten an apology from me. Audra has wanted a problem with Toya since her first scene with them in Vegas while Toya was talking to Jackie. IMO Toya has unfairly been a target all season. When multiple people beat someone down so much at the same time, it can break a person. Screw Simone fake a-s, Heavenly ignorant a-s, Quads baldhead a-s, Audras annoying a-s, Anilas can’t take of her own kids a-s, and Jackie’s condescending a-s. I like Contessa and Toya.

  5. Toya is taking the advice she was given and admitting that she comments toward Audra were hurtful and saying that she was sorry,creating a new foundation between them. Quad and Anila looked like they lost their war.

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