RHOP Recap: Ashley’s Divorce is Confusing + Gizelle Goes Too Far with Mia

RHOP Season 7 Episode 1 Recap
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On the season premiere of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Candiace thinks Ashley and Michael’s divorce is good news. And she’s willing to throw Ashley a divorce party. The others aren’t so convinced that the marriage is really over. Ashley doesn’t help things after she reveals that Michael is buying her another house. But this one will be purchased with the LLC.

Candiace has been putting a lot of time into her music career. So she realized it would be best to freeze her eggs. She just needs Chris to commit to a more balanced schedule. He will have to do the injections. So Candiace has to be able to depend on him.

Mia has a health scare that leads her to write an emotional social media post. However, the post just causes the others to question Mia’s motives. And Mia isn’t here for Gizelle’s games.

Here’s a recap for “Spring Awakening.”

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  1. Giselle hit the ground running 🏃‍♂️ stirring in everyone’s business. Why should they care if Mia is attention seeking 🤔?
    Robyn wants a prenuptial to protect her money from Juan when she is the one lost all of his.
    Ashley needs a lawyer. Prenuptial was void because the marriage lasted longer than 5 years? How does that work?

  2. Gizelle shouldn’t give anyone relationship advice. Gizelle is still madd at Wendy from last season when she lit her azz up. Good for you Wendy. Why is Charisse on the show? What is her storyline? Stop sleeping on Ashley, she’s very smart and is playing the roll baby. Robyn and Juan still haven’t set a wedding date.. I knew that.. I still don’t think they will make it down the aisle. I still luv the Grand Dam, she’s my favorite one. My other one left Monique. I like Mia, screw Gizelle like she said. Gizelle worrying about someone else’s post on social media, instead of reaching out to Mia to check on her you gossip about her..

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