Carlos King Addresses Kenya Moore & Martell Holt Clashing While Filming RHOA

Martell Holt Sheree Whitfield
Photo Credit: OWN

“Love and Marriage Huntsville” Executive Producer Carlos King confirms the rumors.

Rumors are swirling after “Love and Marriage Huntsville” star Martell Holt‘s appearance with Sheree Whitfield at Aaron Ross’ birthday. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cameras were present and allegedly captured a conversation between Sheree’s friend and fellow peach holder Kenya Moore and Martell.

It’s rumored that Kenya and Martell’s conversation turned heated quickly and put Sheree in an uncomfortable position.

As many RHOA and LAMH fans speculate about what went down between Kenya and Martell,  Carlos King spoke on the incident.

During the latest episode of “Reality With the King,” Carlos confirmed the incident went down.

There’s a video that has leaked online that appears to show Martell filming with Sheree by his side with Kenya the Legend Moore standing across from him. And, a lot of people are speculating whether or not Kenya and Martell were having a heated discussion. 

Like, what was going on?!

The only thing I’ll say is… I heard it went down, basement. And that, yep, Martell versus Kenya… To know that something may have gone down with Martell and Kenya One thing we know about Martell, Martell will speak his mind.

Carlos had even more to more to say about this situation, including what Martell brings to the table and what fans can expect.

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  1. Carlos is so d-mn messy & makes it look like all of us gay men look bad. Not all of us are messy like him & Andy Cohen.

    1. I can only speak for self. Don’t think for one second that I think guys are messy. That’s an individual trait.
      Carlos is a pot stirrer period.
      The cast can’t see that.

  2. He does not care about either relationship he cares about ratings. He’s a messy man why would you take the light and seeing a man verbally spar with women. That’s not admirable

  3. Any woman with a working brain and high self esteem can shut down Martell easily. I’m sure Kenya handled Martell just fine.

  4. Carlos needs to take that spoon out of that pot and stop trying to stir up stuff!
    When Kandi called him out that was enough for me.

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