Martell Holt & Melody Holt’s Custody Drama Worsens + Melody Slams Marsau Scott

Melody Holt LAMH
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Melody Holt and Martell Holt’s legal battle stalled due to missing paperwork.

It appears the newest legal battle between “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt is becoming more intense by the day.

Martell tied Melody in another legal battle regarding full custody of their children. As reported earlier, Martell is furious Melody had her brother Marcus and his husband watching their children. This has resulted in some accusing him of being homophobic. LAMH fans had many speculations about the case including Destiny Payton testifying on Martell’s behalf. Destiny denied this.

Recently, fans speculated that Melody won the case. But Melody recently explained the trial hasn’t begun. Well, Martell explained his side of the story and took shots at Melody and her brother Marcus Minnifield. This resulted in Melody responding in kind, and Melody did to hold back. 

Not only is she ready to fully explain it all, but Melody also had some words for Marsau Scott, too.

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  1. Melody needs to not respond to Martell. He won’t win this custody battle anyway. She also needs to get a mediator so she’ll never have direct communication with Martell again. It’s what Ciara had to do. Time for Melody to plan her exit from the show. None of this is good for her mental health. That whole cast is full of Martell’s friends anyway. Let them have the show.

    1. As a woman mother and in the public eyes I feel Melody has done an outstanding job of being true to herself. In return she is able to deal with what Satan is the one at her and keeping her kids best interest first. I agree with her it is time to “shut it down” when it starts affecting your children. She is 100% on point. I’d love to be her spades partner, play the trump lady… Game Over.

    2. Martell will do anything to make her miserable,because he’s a loser, she should not respond and let her Lawyer deal with his nonsense, because any Judge with a brain wouldn’t give custody to such an immature narcissist excuse of a real man. God deals with fools

    1. It is unfortunate that this toxic drama continues to be played out on social media 🙄, I mean to the point that we have to read the transcript 🤔? Really??? It’s getting to be monotmous ( how long has it been? wow!) and the children are the key persons that continue to be impacted. How long have we been hearing every little detail🙄??? Please! Poor children. Take some pointers please from some other wise celebrities who have chosen not to air out their dirty laundry publicly and their children being dragged through the mud along with these shenanigans,only to be reminded of it now and later. Think about your children please! I am surprised the judge hasn’t issued a gag order at this point😥.

  2. He’s happy she responded. The day Melody no longer allows Martell to upset her, he’ll have a nervous breakdown. Narcissists crave control, chaos, and attention. You have to completely remove them from your life. The mediator suggestion is actually a great idea, Queen. And the mediator needs to be a court ordered, neutral party who has no tie to either.

  3. They should both SHUT UP! What’s done is in the past. MOVE ON. The only people you are hurting are the FIVE children.

    1. Tell Martell to, he always starts and end up looking like a dam fool. You can only come at someone for so long…I am surprised it took her this long. Martell is a demon

  4. Mel jus use all that energy in the court room wit him… Continue to give ur kids the love, attention they deserve… Evil never wins no matter which person is the evil one… Its crazy how ppl b out here cheatin, lyin, and leave u but the moment that mess they left u for turn out to b trash now its a problem.. Ur the problem?? U did this? U did that? True narcissist behavior.. Mel u got this!! Its gon b all good!!

  5. If any of Martell’s friends honestly loved and cared for him they would get him some mental and Spiritual help. He needs a Man or Woman of God that is filled with the Holy Ghost to Pray and lay hands on him and cast those demons out of him. He needs to repent and ask God to forgive him and ask Mel to forgive him too for lying to her all those years. He’s pitiful.

  6. They both deserve just what they’re getting. Have we forgotten how the both of them treated the other cast members? They were a team of messiness! I have one word for them. KARMA!!!

  7. Everybody isn’t scared to leave a bad relationship, clap back when lied on, and be talked about negatively. Melody is built for this because she’s great. This is small potatoes. Melody is not scared of this man. And she’s not losing because he’s telling lies as usual. She’s winning and that’s the real reason people including Martell have a problem with her. Melody is the breakout star of LAMH, left a bad marriage, and became wealthier on her own. If that’s karma, sign me right on up. A side chick couldn’t break her. Jealous cast members couldn’t break her. A toxic ex couldn’t break her. Internet haters couldn’t break her. I am extremely happy and proud to see a black woman not bow down to a toxic man the rest of the cast is too scared of to check. Team Melody always. Martell will have a complete mental breakdown when she remarries. Oh and that’s coming. Get em Melody. FYI, if you don’t have haters, you’re not successful enough.

  8. At the end of the day Martell is scared, he has nothing or nobody. You stepped out your marriage thinking the grass was greener on the other side, got out there and found out it was astro turf. God don’t like ugly, you reap what you sow…#TeamMel

  9. Lord knows that Martell Holt is a piece of work. Claims to be a “good person who doesn’t lose friends”. His track record we’ve seen as a married man and father of four indicates, he is as we say down south a “p-ss poor excuse for a man”. Cut your losses Mel. Keep his contact with those precious babies to as little as possible. He has nothing positive to offer them. REMEMBER: A narcissist will never co-parent with you. He will counter-parent and cause more harm than help.

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