LAMH Star LaTisha Scott Says Melody Holt Hands Aren’t Clean Amid Feud with Miss Wanda

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LaTisha Scott and Melody Holt weren’t able to move past their Season 1 drama.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and LaTisha Scott’s friendship fell apart in the most dramatic of ways. Unfortunately, things went left after Martell Holt accused Marsau Scott of cheating on LaTisha. This occurred after Martell watched Marsau joke about his affair with Arionne Curry. At the time, Martell and Melody both felt like Marsau was being very insensitive while they were working on their marriage. And they couldn’t believe Marsau would do that on the show they helped put him on. As for LaTisha, her feelings were hurt by the accusations Martell made. So she confronted Melody and asked for the truth about Marsau. Melody told LaTisha to just pop up on Marsau at the places he frequents at night. This led to a nasty blowup. LaTisha was so upset she taunted Melody about Martell’s affair.

Considering how things unraveled, it’s probably not surprising that things haven’t improved since the drama from Season 1. In fact, the drama has actually worsened. Now Miss Wanda has completely interjected herself into LaTisha and Melody’s beef. And she feels she has a right to make Melody an enemy since she’s been at odds with LaTisha. So when Wanda tried to fight Melody at the MaDonni relaunch event, some fans and cast members began to express that things have just gone way too far. It certainly didn’t help that the blowup also led to Marsau and Martell nearly coming to blows as well.

On the upcoming episode, the group comes together to attempt to discuss what happened. And LaTisha tells Melody that she’s been coming for Wanda a lot, too.

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    1. Ms. Wanda really doesn’t need to be on the show. I wouldn’t miss the Scotts either… It look like Martell attempted to step away, but Marsau just needed to say what he wanted to say…Martell was right to try and end it. It wasn’t going anywhere. The Scotts can’t justify Ms. Wanda’s behavior and sound ignorant trying to…Marsau wanted a moment….The Holts should not indulge with them at all. I want to see Martell win without them… I’m over the cast with the exception of the Holts and Stormy… The Scotts don’t want to go into their personals but stay caught up in the Holts business and act like they wrong when they respond. The Holts business is their whole storyline….Destiny has turn me completely off…Kimmie was a disappointment to this season. Ugh

  1. I like Melody a lot. And I wish she would stop caring or responding to anything Wanda has to say. Some people’s opinions really shouldn’t matter to you. That may sound mean but it will help you get through life a lot easier once you accept it.

    1. This is so true. Unfortunately I didn’t understand this until I hit my 30s. Some people are too negative and ignorant to have that much power over your thoughts, actions and emotions. Their opinions simply hold no value. Let them think and say what they want. They don’t have the authority to define you. We are the only ones who can define ourselves.

  2. It’s honestly like talking to a brick wall. Wanda is never wrong to LaTisha. So that whole scene and conversation was a waste of time. I don’t know how this show survives another two seasons. These people don’t even want to film with each other now. And their arguments and beefs are utterly stupid.

  3. Latisha enjoys Wanda fighting her battles even though she’s a grown woman with a husband and kids. This isn’t hard to see. So Mel and Martell should stop engaging Wanda, LaTisha, and Marsau completely.

  4. Mel and Martell need to stop entertaining any of the Scotts. They are annoying as well as arrogant thinking they are better than anyone else on the show. Ms. Wanda is going to write a check, her a$$ can’t cash. Stop giving them story lines because if the Holts ignore them and keep it moving, you will see who the one desperately searching for storylines, the Scotts.

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