‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Quad & Toya Nearly Come to Blows

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Chaos ensues. 

After the couples learn some *** positions and techniques, the ladies break away to talk out their issues, again. Jackie and Simone encourage Contessa and Heavenly to hash things out. Contessa says everything is fine. They can get along. It’s just their friendship has evolved. 

Heavenly agrees. Then she tells Contessa she’s too beautiful to just take something because it’s coming from a man. Contessa says that this is the problem with Heavenly. And she’s not going to let them keep disrespecting her husband. 

Contessa storms off and Toya calls out Heavenly for messing up the session. This leads to her and Heavenly cursing each other out.

Quad and Toya have another heated moment.

Not too long after this blowup, Toya confronts Quad about the cheating rumor. Quad says she only repeated it and Anila was the source. Toya calls Quad a liar and she accuses Quad of lying for the last 9 years. 

Toya goes on to say that Quad was accused of sleeping with her married carpenter. Simone says she’s friends with the contractor’s friend. So this is what she was told. And Simone also says people have been questioning how Quad was able to afford a $2 million house. 

Toya then accuses Quad of being a bitter and jealous woman. 

Quad gets up like she’s ready to scrap with Toya. Security keeps anything from popping off. And Quad rants to the other ladies about buying her own house. Producers say Quad ranted for an hour after the blowup. 

Contessa and Heavenly aren’t able to move forward. 

Simone and Jackie talk about Contessa and Heavenly’s latest blowup. Jackie feels like Contessa shouldn’t be so mad because she told all of her business to Heavenly willingly. And Simone says friends shouldn’t discuss their friends’ relationships on public platforms. 

Jackie and Simone were able to have a pastor come to preach about friendship. And Toya decides she’s had enough of Quad and Heavenly. So she decides to head back home.

One positive moment of the trip is when Audra and Martin announce they are expecting. 

Eventually, Heavenly and Contessa are ready to leave. As the trips come to an end, green screen interviews give updates. Contessa and Heavenly have accepted that their friendship is over. Although they love each other a lot, sometimes you can’t fix things. 

What are your thoughts on the season finale?

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  1. Quad was not going to run up, despite all her talking about how she would handle Toya. She never denied being a lier.
    Where was Audra’s calculator when Quad was was running down her numbers? It seemed like some of them were off.
    Heavenly never seems to know when to stop.
    Simone is right when you are talking to your friend, you should be able to talk about anything and it stays there. Contessa should have known that Heavenly would tell her business, she talks about all of the ladies for likes.

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