RHOP Recap: Candiace Gives Ashley a Pass + Goes Off About Accusations About Chris

RHOP Season 7 Episode 2
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Mia is not feeling Gizelle.

Gizelle and Mia’s tense conversation continues at Karen’s Spring Bling event. Mia denies she posted about her cancer scare for attention. And after the ladies tell Gizelle she was being rude, Robyn goes off. She reminds them that she and Gizelle weren’t the only ones who doubted Mia was telling the truth. Producers then flash back to the other women expressing their concerns and doubts.

Regardless, Mia’s friend Jacqueline says that Mia wasn’t looking for attention. And she’s still waiting to find out if she has cancer.

Karen isn’t exactly thrilled that Robyn brought Charisse as a plus one. But she still greets Charrisse. And in a green screen interview, Robyn says she wasn’t wrong to invite Charrisse despite her rocky history with Karen.

Katie continues to grab Ray’s butt, much to Karen’s annoyance. And the ladies are happy to see that Candiace and Ashley are now being cordial.

Robyn defends Chris.

Gizelle and Robyn catch up. Robyn tells Gizelle that she didn’t like that she told Ashley that Juan’s name isn’t on the mortgage for their new house. In a green screen interview, Robyn says the issue is Juan’s credit score. But it’s still his house, too.

They also discuss Chris. Apparently, Ashley told Robyn that Chris made her uncomfortable when he sent her a DM on Instagram. He replied to one of her stories saying she should have partied at the hotel he works. Robyn believes Ashley is overreacting.

But Gizelle says Chris also sends her DMs and this makes her uncomfortable. And while he hasn’t directly flirted with her, she didn’t like his reunion behavior. She alleges he came into her makeup room to complain about Candiace while he was drunk. Gizelle said it seemed like he was trying to see if she’d be okay with him hitting on her.

Robyn thinks this is nonsense.

Ashley talks to Candiace about the DM.

Jacqueline and Mia have been best friends since high school. They grab a bite to eat with G. And they discuss how some of the other ladies doubted Mia’s cancer situation. Jacqueline says she was so shocked to see them be so unsupportive about something so serious. As for Mia, she is done being trying to be nice. Both women feel like Karen played both sides of the fence.

Ashley and Candiace hang out. Candiace gushes about going to the Grammys. The vibes are great between them. Although she’s not sure how it’s going to go, Ashley tells Candiace about the DM she got from Chris. Candiace doesn’t see the issue. She informs Ashley that Chris works at the hotel he recommended to her as the general manager. He’s trying to get popular people to come to the venue and grow the brand.

Although Ashley feels silly at this point, she tells Candiace that she felt like it would be bigger problems if she didn’t tell Candiace about the DM.

In a green screen interview, Candiace says she’s going to give Ashley one pass. And she’ll trust that Ashley’s intentions weren’t shady in this one instance.

Ashley and Gizelle hash things out.

Ashley invites the ladies to hang out at a dance class. Karen calls out sick and Gizelle thinks she’s really not showing up because Charrisse will be there. In Gizelle’s opinion, Karen is afraid Charrisse will spill her tea.

After Charrisse makes it, Ashley tells Gizelle she didn’t like how critical she was about Michael buying her a house during their divorce. Since her split from Michael wasn’t contentious, it shouldn’t be strange to people that he’s buying a house she can’t afford on her own. And she feels Gizelle should understand this since she’s now cordial with Jamal.

The ladies do some dancing. Later on, Gizelle pulls Candiace aside to discuss Chris. She tells Candiace what allegedly happened at the reunion, and Candiace isn’t having it. She reminds Gizelle that Chris sees her, Robyn, and Ashley as sisters. He’d do anything for them. And she knows he’d never hit on any of them.

Candiace gets up and asks the producers if the plan now is to attack Chris.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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  1. I notice ALL these housewives franchises like to make CLAIMS and ACCUSATIONS on the husbands that are NOT TRUE…I don’t think Chris was trying to get with Ashley and i know D*** WELL brah don’t want no GIZELLE FROM H-LL….

  2. I can see Ashley wondering why, but Giselle is reaching for a story line. This now leaves Eddie and Juan as the only husbands who hasn’t approached Giselle, she started with Ray. Candice was cutting that mess real short.

  3. Chile.. Gizelle is messy boots. If she was so offended why didn’t she go to Candiance immediately after the situation occurred? It seems like she’s definitely trying to start a negative narrative about Chris, particularly after she heard what Ashley said to try to cosign this false narrative about Chris. It feels very inauthentic on her part. She comes across very opinionated and dramatic with Ashley, Mia and Candiance. Like she’s just trying to gossip and be a troublemaker in the group and keep up confusion and dissension. I’m glad Candiance let it be known that she wasn’t having it and had her husband’s back. Straight nonsense and shenanigans. smh

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