‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Ralph Angel Learns About Chase + Calvin Pleads for Nova’s Heart

Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 7 Recap
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Tonight’s “Queen Sugar” features the Bordelons dealing with another storm brewing in their town. As they each prepare for the storm, some face unexpected challenges and situations. 

First, Calvin heads to Nova’s place for one final plea for their relationship. Despite opening his heart, Nova seemingly moved on. 

Next, Ralph Angel, by chance, meets Chase. Ralph Angel is over by the Bordelon farm and Chase is desperate looking for shelter. Ralph Angel, who has Micah with him, made sure their home was protected from the storm.

While with Chase, Ralph Angel learns he’s the one who assaulted Darla.

Lastly, Aunt Vi and Hollywood console Joaquin and his brother as they still deal with trauma regarding their mom and uncle who passed away at the farm.

Here’s the recap for, “Our Senses Restored.” 

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