Toya Bush-Harris Calls Quad Webb a Puppet Master + Believes There Was a Takedown Plan

Photo Credit: Bravo

Toya Bush-Harris has a bone to pick with Quad Webb.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris had made her feelings known when it comes to the current season. As we reported, she’s been accused of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. And she originally believed that Anila Sajja was responsible for the rumor making its way to the cast. It was alleged that Anila came to Quad Webb’s party with a woman who was spreading the gossip. Toya has denied cheating on Eugene with a man who lives in the neighborhood. Eugene didn’t believe it to be true. But both have made it clear that the rumors have been a bit much as of late. Especially, since some were questioning if Toya had anything to do with Anila’s home being broken into.

After Toya called Anila out about the rumor, Anila said that it was Quad who invited the woman to her event. Dr. Heavenly Kimes even thought that Quad and Anila intended to have the woman blast Toya. So Heavenly gave Toya a heads-up. And Toya called out Anila. Anila then told her that it was Quad who invited the woman there. So Anila believes Quad set her up to do her dirty work.

So Toya now believes that it was Quad’s plan to come for her this season. And she used Anila as a puppet.

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  1. Quad did it 1st to Lisa Nicole, then Dr. Gregory and Mariah. She must not realize that people could see what she was doing. Quad’s not as smart as she seems to think she is. Toya’s not as dumb as Quad thinks she is either.

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