‘Married to Medicine’ Drama: Dr. Simone Whitmore Put on Blast by Funky Dineva

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The drama on “Married to Medicine” isn’t slowing down.

Rumors have been running rampant on the current season of “Married to Medicine.” Toya Bush-Harris has been accused of cheating with a neighbor. While Toya thought Anila Sajja was behind the rumor spreading, Anila denied this. And she said that Quad Webb has been pushing the rumor and set her up by inviting a mutual friend to her party to possibly blast Toya about this. As for Quad, she said that Anila came to her with the rumor. But she doesn’t want to own her role in how the rumor got around. So she’s allegedly chosen to throw Quad under the bus instead.

Toya has denied cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. And she’s feeling like Quad used Anila to attempt to assassinate her character this season.

It was also alleged that Quad slept with her married contractor. On the recent episode, Dr. Simone Whitmore said that it’s valid to have suspicions since Quad is single and bought a $2 million house. And she’s the one who spread the rumor to the group. Simone also told Quad that she’s friends with the contractor’s friend. So her source and knowledge of the situation are reliable. Regardless, Quad denied sleeping with the married man. She said she was able to afford her home thanks to smart investing and her other incomes.

Well, things have gotten even messier. Now it’s alleged that Simone allegedly played a role in the cheating rumor about Toya getting around.

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  1. I like Q a lot but I take his Married 2 Med tea with a grain of salt because it always comes from Quad. And Quad lies like her life depends on it. So we’ll see what happens at the reunion. But if Simone did this, she’s a snake.

    1. But it’s weird though. Simone doesn’t even like Quad. So why would she call Quad and spill Toya’s tea like that? It doesn’t make sense.

  2. Idk, Toya spills her own tea all the time even when it’s embarrassing. She’s the most authentic person on the show. I think she’d tell us and Eugene if she cheated because Toya doesn’t care. 🤣

    But this does sound like something Quad told him.

  3. I don’t know if the producers and cast panicked when they saw last season’s ratings but this season is extra thirsty and too toxic. It’s way too many serious accusations being made and it’s making the show dark again.

  4. Toya not filing no lawsuit, lol . Girl bye. Regardless, on the very recent episode Toya was talking crazy like she wanted an open relationship anyway. I would never entertain the idea of being with someone else as a married person. Through out the season Toya has made snide remarks about her s-x life as though she is not satisfied s-xually.Toya really need to work on that mouth of hers but I digress. I am, however, so glad Toya finally realized Quad was NEVER, a friend. I thought it was crazy how toya and eugene was going through that tax issue and Quad was ruthless with shade. Everyone hated Mariah at the time, so Toya still laughed and kiki’ed with Quad. Yes, Toya you have let her slide ALLOT for 9 years. I never felt Quad was being a good friend because friends should not beat you down when you hit a bump in the road.

  5. Simone has done some shady stuff to her friends (Mariah, Buffie, Jackie, Heavenly, Simone, Quad). Yes, Quad is a liar but Simone has some mean girl ways. So I don’t know what to believe. But Toya needs to watch her back and rethink who she’s calling a friend.

  6. I read a comment from somewhere else where this person said that Simone is low key the biggest sh-t starter and troublemaker on the show. And I wondered why they said that. So this video is interesting. I do think his friend Quad has been in a troublemaker role this season too. Like I get that they have to have drama but just don’t go too low because sometimes you can’t come back from that.

  7. Yep the least one you think is always the one. To be honest I think the only real person who has been a friend to all the ladies is contessa.Jackie can be shady sometimes and I like her.

    1. Quad is too afraid of Simone to take her on head on. She’ll just use Funky as a mouthpiece. This is why I wish Mariah was still there. She wasn’t scared of any of those women. And that’s the real reason they hated her.

  8. Hunni…. Simone is a sneaky and shady individual….I wouldn’t put it past her if someone said she had a hard in the rumor…She comes off as she low-key keeps up 💩…. throw a rock and hides her hands!!!

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