More Details Are Revealed Regarding Rumor Accusing Quad Webb of Sleeping with Married Men

Married to Medicne Quad Rumors
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There’s new tension between Quad Webb and Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

The current “Married to Medicine” season has been seemingly focused on Dr. Heavenly Kimes. The last couple of episodes were centered around an intervention of sorts hosted by Dr. Contessa Metcalfe that didn’t seemingly go anywhere.

Contessa has been feeling a type of way about Heavenly’s YouTube comments. The last straw was when Heavenly said she felt like Dr. Scott Metcalfe is emotionally and verbally abusive. Unsurprisingly, the intervention didn’t go very well. And Heavenly stormed off because she believed she was being attacked.

One of the few women left in her corner at that point was Quad Webb. However, that seemingly ended with last week’s episode. Quad let it be known that she will respond to Heavenly after Heavenly spoke to Anila about Quad allegedly sleeping with married men.

Well, a good friend of both, Blogger Funky Dineva, spoke about this situation. He spoke in detail about why Quad was angry with Heavenly. While doing this, more details about the rumors were revealed. And he wonders why Heavenly would air this out on the show.

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  1. Heavenly isn’t a real friend to any of these women. Her priority is the show and keeping the check she gets from it. That’s been obvious from day one.

    1. I agree Heavenly is making the show really good. But Heavenly is messy and so is Toya they both keep mess going. I think the problem with Heavenly is she was sheltered as a child her mother kept her in the house an her and her sister never got along and heavenly was abused as a child keeping a child in the house and not letting her go outside that’s abuse but Toya is just plain messy that’s it and that’s all.

  2. Now see no one would have known about all of this if Heavenly didn’t say it on the show. Then she gets mad when people say she’s not a good friend. Makes no sense.

  3. So the fans who said Heavenly was talking about Mariah and Lake were way off. This makes that scene even worse.

  4. I mean how is Dineva any better than Heavenly when he’s on YouTube adding way more context to the rumor? He’s airing out Quad’s business with the friend on his YouTube channel just like Heavenly aired it out on the show. And he said a lot more than Heavenly did. Knowing Quad, she’s going to cuss him and Heavenly out and stop dealing with both of them completely. All of this just reminds me that Mariah may not have been perfect, but she was right about a lot of things.

  5. Not even a fan of Quad but this is so nasty. None of us even knew about this rumor but Heavenly and Funky are putting it out there for everyone to know now when they are supposed to be her friends. Just wow.

  6. Heavenly put the rumors on a big platform. Funky does not have the exposure that Heavenly does thanks to the show. Plus Quad and Heavenly have had issues before about Heavenly comments concerning her sex life. Funky is right doing it on camera was friendship wrong, but show good. Mariah created the Heavenly monster anything from attention.

  7. Mariah cursed 🤬 us the creature know as Heavenly. Heavenly will do anything to attention (she took notes well from)do whatever it takes and say that it work, unless someone says something about you. Funky was was right Heavenly was friendship wrong but show right. Heavenly and Quad had already talked about Heavenly entertaining rumors about her s-x life on camera.

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