LaTisha Scott Confronts Marsau Scott About Cheating Rumor + Her Cousin Drops a Bomb?

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Marsau Scott has been the subject of cheating rumors.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott was accused of cheating by Martell Holt during the show’s second season. For Martell, he felt Marsau crossed the line. Marsau made jokes about Martell’s longtime affair with Arionne Curry. Since this has been a sore spot in his now failed marriage to Melody Holt, Martell believed Marsau was being insensitive. So Martell wanted to get even. And he accused Marsau of cheating on LaTisha Scott with “20 different women.” To no surprise, the accusations strained the friendship between both couples. However, Martell would eventually walk back his comments.

Interestingly enough, cheating accusations have not waned. In fact, months ago, Marsau had to respond after a photo of a man in a hotel bed went viral. Sources told blogger the Original Straight No Chaser that the man sleeping was Marsau. He denied this. And Marsau poked fun at the photo only showing the back of the man’s head.

Well, it seems as if this all comes up on the show later in the season.

OWN released the midseason trailer for the current season of LAMH. In the preview, Wanda talks to LaTisha about the photo. And this leads to LaTisha asking Marsau some questions. However, the most explosive moment comes after her cousin Keke seemingly drops a bomb when the family gets together.

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  1. It’s telling that Marsau and Maurice continued to hang around Martell and the side chick…I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Tishe don’t even look like she cares if he cheats ????. Let’s keep it real. She only cares for the cameras. TISHA knows exactly what is going on.

  3. I’m not shaken nor stirred. Marsau has proven to me that he doesn’t care about his wife’s concerns. He knows precisely what to say and how to say it in a calm yet soothing tone. He will look dead in LaTisha eyes and she falls for the okie doke every time. REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!

  4. Latisha ain’t leaving Marsau no matter what he does. Her momma raised her to think everyone is jealous so she’ll stay to prove people wrong.

  5. This show has turned into trash.Destroy your homes and family’s for a check.I don’t watch anymore.

    1. Marsau i wouldn’t blame you…although I dont ever condone cheating however latisha is not the business. Insecure, excuses, lookn like a light weight precious, sh-t talking snake in the grass. Always needing to be the center of attention…Nd her mama Wanda sit the f-ck down the world does not revolve around you….lord give that woman the gift of no voice! Your mouth in general mommy and daughter make you ugly AF!

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