LAMH Star Kimmi Scott Calls Out Miss Wanda for Being Disrespectful to Her Son

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Miss Wanda is a controversial LAMH  cast member.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have been very vocal when it comes to Miss Wanda. In fact, they believe she causes unnecessary drama between the cast members. Prior to Martell Holt and Marsau Scott nearly coming to blows, Wanda made some controversial comments on social media. She said she wasn’t certain that Martell is the biological father of the youngest Holt kid. And she said Melody Holt needed to get a DNA test done. This angered Martell and Melody. In fact, Melody confronted Wanda about her comments This led to chaos. Wanda was so heated that she tried to run up on Melody from behind.

Interestingly enough, Wanda defended her actions. She said that she was just clapping back after Melody said LaTisha Scott’s father was in her DMs. Wanda also said that Martell had accused Melody of cheating so he opened up the door to the drama.

Fans were outraged by the unfolding of events. They even created a petition demanding that Wanda be fired from the show. However, it seems that will not be happening. And instead, Wanda may no longer film scenes with Melody and Martell.

Another person who has a rocky history with Wanda is Kimmi Scott. And she recently called out Wanda’s treatment of her son.

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  1. Wow. Why is this even a discussion. She is not in their age range to even be invited to the events. Remove her from the entire show. Ms. Wanda is to advance in age to keep up this much drama. There is no value to her conversation. I did love the show but the drama is way too much and now it has gotten even worse.

    1. I know Ms. Wanda is trying to stay revelant, her attitude and her defense of Tisha all the time is too much, Ms. Wanda has the audacity to ask Marsau to finance her business, who she is disrespectful to all the time, I wouldn’t give Ms. Wanda shit, get rid of her trouble making ass.

      1. Wanda is very messy. They really do need to get rid of her. Tisha,keeps taking up for the foolishness her mom starts. It’s like her mom does no wrong .

  2. That’s Carlos doing. He does things for ratings. I hate where this show is going. It had the potential to be positive seeing black people prosper but I guess that would be too boring. They should be looking at the potential problem that this show could have on their children..especially martell and Melanie.

    1. This is an Own production. Carlos King has a show on her network. Oprah and all her productions have maintained a class level. LAMH needs to get back to falling under Oprah’s signature and snatch the reigns back from Carlos King. He’s no better than Bravo’s Andy Cohen….men that have a tendency to denigrate black women by signing off on boorish behavior. I think its time Oprah gets some emails on this and have her team take a peek. Wanda is an embarrassment to a greasy buffoon whose too stupid to realize shes hurting herself and her daughter. Like Stormie said ” I have never seen somebody’s mother act like this” She’s doing too much.

  3. We gotta stop watching…collectively. Let those ratings drop. Let Carlos get scared that the show will get dropped. Oprah ain’t playing that!
    Look at uploads on YouTube like me. No they aren’t the best visually but you can hear conversations.

  4. My family an I stopped
    watching. Thought this was going to be a great
    positive show but like
    many,its garbage! I guess
    Carlos King got what he
    wanted! Wanda,you should
    be ashamed of yourself but I have a feeling that
    you don’t have a clue.

  5. Ms. Wanda so thirsty to be on the show, get her own show or just to be in the spotlight, she will do or say anything. When she eat at Mel, they wanted to say it was all Mel. They need to cut Ms Wanda’s camera time. She’s a trouble making, $@&t stirrer.

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