Destiny Payton Tells Melody Holt to Take Some Air Out Her Head + LaTisha Scott Agrees?

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Melody Holt is no longer on good terms with LaTisha Scott and Destiny Payton.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton had a very controversial fallout with Melody Holt. The reason why the demise of their friendship struck a chord with fans is it just seemed like a big misunderstanding. Fans were also used to seeing Melody and Destiny support each other as their marriages ended. So many didn’t anticipate that they would have problems with each other. However, Melody just believes that Destiny turned on her. She said she was caught off guard when Destiny questioned their friendship at the reunion. But when she overheard Destiny discussing her with LaTisha Scott at a Los Angeles hotel, she was done.

As for Destiny, she took issue with Melody calling her less once they took a break from filming the show. She claimed Melody used to call her just about every day. So when the phone calls stopped being as frequent, she wasn’t receptive to the text message conversations they had instead.

Melody didn’t like that Destiny questioned the friendship because she did things like give Destiny money when she was going through her divorce.

Despite the breakdown in their friendship, Melody still appeared at the MaDonni reopening event. It was said that Melody wasn’t invited. And eventually, drama ensued after Melody confronted Miss Wanda about her social media comments.

Well, Destiny will not be holding back when it comes to her current opinion of Melody on the upcoming episode. She tells LaTisha Scott that Melody needs to release some of the air from her head.

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  1. Sigh…Destiny literally picked a fight with Melody over nothing. They should still be friends right now. Sad how women fall out over the dumbest reasons.

      1. The Scott’s and ms.wandas jealousy is real they wanna be the HOLTS so bad their world doesn’t exist without the Holts on their tongue. Destiny just thirsty!

  2. I think Destiny really misses being friends with Melody and needs to repair it. To get upset with my friend just because she doesn’t call me everyday, but she’ll text instead, I think Destiny has her loyalty displaced and she doesn’t know what a real friend is like. Me and my bestie talk once a month and when we do it’s like we’re picking up our last conversation. Destiny friends don’t have to speak everyday, grow up and have some loyalty, y’all both were going through a lot at the time and I guess being that you kept your divorce to yourself, you were in your feelings. Nobody knew what you were going through and that’s nobody’s fault, but yours. You and Mel needs to have an heart to heart without anybody in y’all ears and repair your friendship. This is all I’m going to say.

  3. If these 2 women don’t wanna be around each other,. Then so be it! I personally think that they should just continue with their lives, and be cordial to each other, and let it go. Sometimes you have to let go and let God.

  4. I don’t expect more from LaTisha because she cosigns Wanda’s foolishness so I know what to expect from her. But Destiny has been the biggest disappointment on this show for me. I liked her instantly. Loved her friendship with Melody. Thought she was a boss. And I wanted both of them to come out on top after their divorces. To see Destiny turn around and turn her back on Melody and ki ki with someone who hates Melody is just so sad to see. Now I’m sure Destiny’s hotel conversation with LaTisha about Melody was not innocent.

  5. Now the other day some of NeNe’s fans came on here to say that Kandi is jealous of NeNe’s “hbic” status on RHOA. It was a delusional take since we know Kandi surpassed NeNe in terms of her position on the show and bank accounts. But I do think it’s the case right here. Destiny and Latisha along with Wanda constantly make comments about how they think Melody is the IT girl and it’s not fair. They want the same treatment but they don’t understand that likability matters. And right now they aren’t likable. I wish they would stop talking about Melody. It makes them look jealous and bitter. If Melody’s arrogant, let her be arrogant. Karma will handle that if that’s true. Stop discussing her and focus on issues that actually matter in your lives because Marsau and La’Berrick have given them more problems than Melody ever has.

      1. I’m tired this high pitch pompous Melody…when they low…I go to h-ll..bye znd safe trip to h-ll..and bye to ignorant Wanda too..
        They have cheapens the show.

        1. She made that comment because of the witch name Wanda..I am team Mel and I will go to h-ll for mines also. Y’all commenting on Mel be never watch the show…kick rocks

    1. They are mean gurl and jealous because Mel is making that money and can’t seem to do the same thing. Melody never discussed these to witches. They gonna stay losing if you mess with God people . The only airhead is her and Tisha. They have no business sense at all

  6. It seems like that’s all they talk about is Melody. That’s their storyline. Nothing else going on for them. They need to find some business. Destiny needs to worry about her store staying open this time.

  7. Honestly…if Melody left the show and stopped filming….No one would have a storyline!!! Maybe Kimmi would have a storyline because of the upcoming situation.

  8. Does Destiny realize how awful she’s been looking on this show the last couple of seasons? She needs to stop this. How do you have this much anger for someone who helped you? She didn’t even have to ask and Melody gave her what she needed to pay her bills. That’s the last person I’m falling out with!

  9. In this scenario. I actually agree with destiny. Melody was not invited but showed up anyway claiming to support a black business. Although she said hello to destiny, she showed no support. Her mission was to confront Ms. Wanda. That was not the place or time. And didn’t Melody tell Martel not to fight because the children were there?!!

  10. Melody was invited to the event. All cast members are invited to every event per Carlos King. And that scene was staged. This show isn’t real and hasn’t been since season 1. Latisha was also invited to Mel’s event. Her being kicked out was staged. I’m surprised this isn’t obvious by now. That’s why y’all shouldn’t take this show so seriously and pick sides. It’s just a job for them and the drama is manufactured.

  11. I think Wanda is too old to be so full of drama! She should be much more sophisticated socially than she is! I absolutely love Mel, I think she is one awesome lady! La tisha is just too cute! I like her as well! It has become one of my favorite shows!

  12. I am so sick and tired about all these comments about everyone hating Melody. She is nasty. She is a liar. She thinks everyone is against her and she never does anything wrong. She is pompous and arrogant and thinks she is better than everyone else. Just remember Karma is a b-tch and she’s about to get hers.

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