Destiny Payton Denies Being Intimate with Martell Holt + Explains Not Paying Back Melody Holt

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LAMH fans are very opinionated about Melody Holt and Destiny Payton’s fallout.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton had a controversial fallout with Melody Holt. She said things were great between them until Melody stopped calling her as much. However, Melody thought they were still close. And she showed that she and Destiny continued to communicate through text messages. So she was caught off guard when Destiny called her out at the reunion. Destiny told Carlos King that she wasn’t sure about the status of their friendship. While that rubbed Melody the wrong way, the last straw was Destiny’s conversation with LaTisha Scott in the hotel room. Melody overheard the conversation. She felt it was shady for Destiny to discuss her with LaTisha since she and LaTisha aren’t on good terms.

Since their fallout, there have been a lot of conversations about loyalty on social media. And there are rumors floating around about Destiny’s friendship with Martell Holt. She said she’s known him longer than she’s known Melody. So some fans believed it when it was rumored that Destiny was helping Martell with his fight for full custody of the Holt children.

Destiny has denied that she’s involved in the custody case. And she denied it once again while she answered questions on Instagram Live.

When it comes to the custody case, Destiny Payton denied being involved.

When she was asked if she’s a character witness for Martell, Destiny said, “I am not. As I keep saying, I got my own ****. I don’t have time to be going to court for somebody else to be a character witness. Do I think that they’re great parents in their own right? Yes. That’s not my place to go and be a character witness for somebody. That’s not my place.”

She continued, “It came from nowhere. And I refuted it multiple times and then it turned into I wrote a letter of declaration…somebody DM’d me about it so one, Martell never said that. Two, you cannot write a letter of declaration to a court hearing or to a judge and not testify. If that’s the case, people have to use their common sense, anybody can write a letter to declare something and it be admissible in court. It don’t work like that.”

Destiny was also asked if she’s ever been intimate with Martell and if she plans on returning the money Melody gave her to pay unpaid bills.

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  1. People need to leave DESTINY alone. She didn’t insert herself into anything dealing with the Holts.
    Why are people thinking women want Martell?

  2. I’ll forever be disappointed about Melody and Destiny falling out. They really did love each other but they allowed people to meddle and get in their heads about each other. You could tell other cast members were jealous of their friendship. Sigh…

  3. I don’t give a f-ck how some people feel about Melody because it’s grimy as h-ll to flip on someone that held you down without you even asking. This whole cast has been treated worse by Martell but it’s Melody they hate. If that ain’t a perfect example of misogyny I don’t know what is.

    1. 💯💯💯💯💯👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾Like how you fell out with someone that held you down and came to the plate when no one else did … like thousands of dollars and you acting funny now … where they do that at on what planet smh

  4. I never did like destiny she got a Thang for Martell and she been feeling that. She rude and man cause the man married divorced her and left her alone with a baby. Girl go sit down somewhere u bogus is h-ll and you don’t have no business taking Martell no baby oil either. Girl you do under handed sh-t and expect somebody to kiss yo a-s Girl bye. Destiny thirsty a-s a thot pocket

  5. Ask her why she was already turning on Mel at the reunion before Mel caught her and Tisha talking negatively about it.

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