LHHATL Drama: Momma Dee Drags Bambi’s Mother + Makes Messy Accusations About Bambi

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Bambi and Momma Dee continue to have tension on LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Momma Dee isn’t in the best place with Scrappy and his wife Bambi. Bambi believes Momma Dee likes to get on social media and throw jabs her way. In fact, she believes Momma Dee posted so much about her friendship with Shay Johnson out of spite. Things got even messier after Momma Dee made an appearance on “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” After Shay announced she was pregnant, Momma Dee said it was possible that Scrappy fathered the child. And she alleged that Scrappy and Shay saw each other before the pregnancy announcement was made. Momma Dee also stated that she wished Scrappy married Shay instead of Bambi.

None of this sat well with Bambi. However, what disappointed her more was Momma Dee telling Shekinah Anderson that Scrappy had quietly filed for divorce. She also accused Bambi of not only being insecure about Shay but insecure about other women as a whole to the point that she questioned Scrappy’s faithfulness frequently.

At this point, Bambi is convinced that the biggest issue in her marriage to Scrappy is Momma Dee. On the recent episode, she clashed with Scrappy because she thinks he doesn’t hold his mom accountable for her actions.

Well, Momma Dee is back at it. She hopped on social media to call out Bambi’s mother and Bambi wasn’t spared from her wrath in some instances. Some messy accusations were made, too.

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    1. LOL. It’s like the twilight zone how they are trying to rewrite history. Shay and Momma Dee are full of it.

  1. So Shay came out her own mouth in 2020 bragging about being a side chick and sleeping with Scrappy while he was engaged to Erica but this year she’s denying she was ever a side chick. Bambi has these women pressed!

  2. I never understood the hype for Momma Dee either Queen. She destroyed her family for social media engagement and a storyline.

  3. Bambi slept with him too! That’s why she was so pressed to get in between their co parenting cause she knew Scrappy still dipped into Erika’s honey a few times so she wanted to stop it. Bambi shouldn’t have said a word about Shay

  4. Y’all really need to stop lying on Bambi. She did not sleep with Scrappy while he was engaged to Erica. She wasn’t even in the picture. Shay was. And if we’re keeping it a buck, Erica was a side chick at one point because at the Season 2 reunion she bragged about sleeping with Scrappy in a hotel while he was with Bambi. She pulled out a copy of the hotel receipt. Y’all want to make Bambi something she’s not because y’all are bitter Scrappy married her and not Erica. It’s time to move on. Bambi can speak about Shay if she wants since Shay is on another show letting everyone think Scrappy was her child’s father for a storyline. And Shay kept Scrappy and Ercia’s names in her mouth up until 2020. I’ve had enough of how y’all are trying to tear down Bambi because y’all are mad about Erica. It’s so annoying!

    1. Thank you! It’s so weird because Erica has moved on with her life like the queen she is! How are Erica’s stans so bitter and Erica isn’t?!

    2. I’ll be honest and say that the constant and unwarranted Bambi hate made me a supporter lol. Erica has been off the show for a minute now. I’m not sure why her fans hate Bambi so much when she’s moved on and seems genuinely happy. She even has beautiful twin daughters now. Momma Dee knows people will believe anything she says about Bambi as long as she involves Erica’s name. But thank you for fact checking. I recall it the same way. Bambi came around after Erica ended the engagement. And for the longest time, yes, Shay was his side chick. She ran off the reunion stage crying when he proposed and felt used because she loaned him money to pay his bills. Shay was never a main girlfriend. He used and abused her.

    3. Funny how Erica was actually the side chick at some point but no one calls her that. 🤔

      I remember that reunion and was so mad Erica played herself just to hurt Bambi when it was Scrappy and Momma Dee who did her so dirty. Women stay fighting over men tho…

  5. Okay I see Tea’s comment but I was about to say that Momma Dee got her timeline wrong. That was Shay who slept with Scrappy while he was engaged to Erica. I don’t know if this was an honest mistake or an intentional attempt at slandering Bambi’s character but Momma Dee should just stop talking. She’s blown up her entire family for no reason whatsoever. I always felt like Momma Dee and Scrappy were the problem. And I still do.

  6. Momma Dee lies like it’s nothing as long as it hurts her daughter in law. Anyway, I started to like Bambi when she reached out to Erica and said she realized Scrappy instigated the problems between them and she’d be there for Erica even if Scrappy wouldn’t. She wanted peace before Scrappy did. Bambi is a real one and she deserves better.

  7. I’m offended that most black ensemble reality shows feature older black mothers who are bitter and nasty troublemakers. My mom doesn’t act like this. I wish these type of people weren’t given platforms because you don’t see this on most ensemble shows with other races. Just ours. And that’s messed up. Racist too.

  8. I like Bambi. Momma Dee is a problem and she has behavior like she is still hustling on the street.Momma dee should be a better mom and grandma in my opinion. Scrappy is an enabler and keeps the toxicity going, delusional on the behavior his mom demonstrates. Bambi even wanted her peace and scrappy was insisting to bring that drama around Bambi and their kids. Bambi is not crazy and momma dee is very cruel to being all that nonsense while Bambi was pregnant. Pregnancy is a delicate process, especially when the morality rate is very high for black women. Notwithstanding, to add to the mess with shay and her coo coo self. I get why shay is always loud wrong and mad, it’s because her and her brother are touched individuals and hateful individuals with issues of abandonment and OCD when dealing with people. How shay did Amara while Amara was in a high risk pregnancy was pure disgusting and straight hateful. Shay showed her true colors and lengths she would go, even at the cost of someone’s else baby. That Shay motto to latch on to the popular, gaslight, and make a storyline that’s full of delusions with smoke and mirrors. What a narcissist.

  9. The grown up version of me is Team Erica and Team Bambi. They were never the problem and I’ll always root for them over Scrappy and Momma Dee. Keep your head up Bambi!

  10. Scrappy certainly does not act like the head of the household letting his momma carry on like this. I predict Bambi will eventually get tired and leave this marriage. Momma Dee will terrorize whoever he’s with because she has an unhealthy attachment to her son.

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