‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Darla And Ralph Angel Learn of Another Landry Plot

Queen Sugar Episode 9
Photo Credit: OWN

During tonight’s “Queen Sugar,” Nova catches up with an old flame. As they catch up, Nova opens up about the night she was outed to her father and how it affected her future relationships. 

Meanwhile, Nova faces the local school board that wants to ban her book. Darla also has a revelation about Nova’s movie rights and gives her a blessing. 

Despite the good news, Darla and Ralph Angel receive spare sugar cane mill parts. This causes suspicion that leads Darla and Ralph Angel to make a serious discovery. Luckily, a loan officer from Mrs. Parthena’s bank offers to help and shows information that can harm the Landry family publicly. 

Lastly, Micah stands up to Zane and receives a well-timed apology.

Here’s the recap for, “Whisper to Us.”

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