‘Married to Medicine’ Husband Dr. Eugene Harris Slams Quad Webb + Quad Claps Back

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Quad Webb thinks Toya Bush-Harris hurts Dr. Eugene Harris with her on-screen comments.

Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb probably won’t be on good terms anytime soon. In fact, the “Married to Medicine” stars are blaming each other for nasty rumors about them being brought on the show and discussed during the current season. However, another layer to their feud is the growing feud between Quad and Dr. Eugene Harris. As we recently reported, Eugene and Quad have clashed on social media. And at times, Toya has expressed that she doesn’t appreciate how Quad speaks to Eugene.

This will come up during Part 3 of the reunion. However, the conversation originally begins with a focus on Toya’s controversial comments about Eugene that she made earlier in the season.

In a preview, Andy Cohen says to Quad, “Quad you replied to a comment on Twitter that Eugene will laugh it off as a joke to save face but hurt inside.” Toya says, “That’s exactly what he did. He did…he told me he wasn’t mad but I could tell.”

Quad says she felt bad for Eugene, “They have what they have in their household. I’m not in their marriage. But I’m just saying any person that would endure that could possibly be hurt. I mean that’s a person’s manhood. I think that he’s always looking out for Toya and supporting her and cleaning up for her. He’s always on aisle 5 with the mop and the broom, dustpan, and Pine-Sol.”

Dr. Eugene Harris and Quad Webb face-off.

However, Eugene wasn’t moved. And he accuses Quad of saying worse, “Your jokes were probably worse than anything Toya’s said.”

Quad accuses Eugene of saying this to back up Toya. And Eugene doesn’t back down, “For somebody who claims she’s not in our marriage, she’s always saying stuff about our marriage.”

At this point, Quad brings up the “D.I.V.A.” t-shirt that Toya and Eugene bought her, “You call yourself shaming me…you guys call yourselves divorce shaming me.” And Eugene responds, “Which you said thank you for.”

After Quad brings up the Snuggie, Toya brings up Quad’s tweets, “And you counter and go on social media and call my husband a ***** and Eugina?” Quad denies calling Eugene the b-word and Toya says, “You might as well. You called him Eugina. And then said he was a female.”

Eugene is completely fed up and asks Quad, “What you got against us?!” Quad denies having an issue, “I have nothing against you guys.” He claps back with, “Then quit talking about us!” And Quad feels the same way, “Then shut your mouth about me!”

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  1. Quad is DARK & PHONY…………..Let’s be real if it wasn’t for Mariah, we wouldn’t know who is QUAD??????? If she was real be real because on some of these comments are from QUAD, check it out. See that camera is her friend, without that CAMERA she’s nothing, face an “Real Woman” she will EAT you ALIVE girl😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  2. If it wasn’t for Mariah, none of the women would have the glorified lifestyles and platforms they have now. They have all come a long way.

  3. Quad dishes the commentary, but she can’t handle it when it comes back to her.
    Quad is way to interested in Toya and the marriage of Toya and Eugene, she doesn’t understand how Eugene could love and put up with Toya. Quad doesn’t understand unconditional love.

  4. Bravo…git rid of the forehead queen. Sick of this fraud,squeaky voice pumped up booty, botox “heffa” (southern term for a rachet woman).

  5. Wonder where that lawsuit is from toya? 🤔🙄 I mean defamation is hard to prove UNLESS there is serious harm to reputation and affect their economic growth. I could careless about Quad or Toya. Both played a part in pushing Mariah out and still to this day deny the opportunity Mariah has and is giving them. They both are pathetic, Toya takes no responsibility, is ignorant about wealth management, will gaslight a person’s reality and Quad is a liar, manipulator, and waste of space who will do anything to stay in her spot. I’m usually for the wife but how Quad did her husband on national television and then flip it like he was the main problem was gross and really unwatchable at the time. Quad amd toya are two peas in a delusional pod with people who influence such behavior as being okay; which is why we are here. Is this dark, naw RHBH was very dark with white collar thugs. Married to Medicine is a good show but really need to face some hard truths about their cast. Also I’m tired of eugene taking out his anger on everyone instead of changing his situation. Yes it was funny about the movers, but you took it to a whole other level because the truth is you and your wife move messy and now you are building a house again in an high interest economy that’s seeing down turn and will be more deeper in a recession. I wish these folks will be honest or just shut up and play your role on reality television because it doesn’t feel good when it’s done to you, does it.

  6. Whew these people really play around with karma for a paycheck and it’s insane to me. It never ends well when you talk to people crazy. Chickens will come home to roost eventually. They always do.

  7. What’s going to happened when the checks stopped coming. Doctors take a look at Quad, she’s stated no BOTOX look at her First picture when she first came on the SHOW including her mugshot

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