Quad Webb Comes for Dr. Eugene Harris + Toya Bush-Harris Goes All the Way Off

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Toya Bush-Harris isn’t a stranger to feuds.

Married to Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris is a hot topic on social media thanks to the current season. Of course, people had a lot to say about Toya and Dr. Eugene Harris selling their custom-built house. However, the couple clapped back at the speculation. And they said they were just taking advantage of the real estate boom. Regardless, people continue to come for them. Newbie Audra Frimpong even accused them of lying about making a million from the sale. But Toya continues to brush this off. On the recent episode, Toya came to the conclusion that Audra cares way too much about her finances.

Well, one thing Toya hasn’t been brushing off is the accusation made by someone in her neighborhood. Toya was accused of sleeping with a neighbor. Dr. Heavenly Kimes alleged that the person who said this happens to be one of Anila Sajja’s friends. Toya fell out with Anila during the previous season. So Heavenly accused Anila of being shady for bringing the said woman to Quad Webb’s holiday party.

Interestingly enough, last night’s episode brought on even more drama on social media. Quad slammed Eugene for a scene and Toya was not having it.

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  1. Quad is fake, a liar, and a user. She’s the type that once they’ve gotten everything they need from a person they are no longer of any use to them. She’ll be giving Heavenly her ass to kiss before long. I’m not the biggest Toya fan but the gang up on her this season is stupid. I hope this is Quads last season. She is unbearably fake and phoney and nasty towards others. Meanwhile we’ve never seen and inch of her scalp. Bald head heffa

    1. I don’t care for Toya, she sometimes act like she is better then some of the women on the show. Last season she started a fight with Anila for some petty stuff. Anila never did anything to her. Quad is doing good for herself. There is something going on in Toya life she is not happy about so she takes it out on some of the other women

    2. Yes I love the read, don’t forget she’s very masculine looking,I was trying to determine every season is she a man or woman…..

  2. That same episode we literally watched Scott, I think Damon as well, and Cecil all make jokes about Quad. Crickets. Eugene and Toya also took it in stride when Quad brought that shady gift basket over when they had to pay taxes. But the moment she gets light shade back, it’s a problem. Quad will absolutely not have this kind of energy with Heavenly and Anila when they brought that rumor about Quad sleeping with someone’s husband on the show this season. I’m starting to think Quad is a bit of a coward. Eugene and Toya are the easy targets for those too afraid to go at who they really have an issue with.

  3. Eugene will probably laugh his a-s off when he reads Quad’s tweet. He doesn’t take Quad seriously and I think that’s the real reason she doesn’t like him.

  4. Wasn’t Quad just bragging about buying a house by herself? I mean she wanted her haters to know she’s a bad b-tch who has her own money and Toya wishes she could be a divorced boss b-tch like her, right? If she’s at peace being on her own, Eugene’s little playful shade shouldn’t have triggered her this much.

  5. I’m really sitting here trying to understand why people sit back and praise these “reads” and “clap backs” from Quad. I’m never impressed. Her tweet was childish, lazy, and boring. It’s always the same homophobia and misogyny from her. I honestly forget she’s still on the show at times. Back in the day, Quad was a star. Now it’s the Heavenly, Toya, and Contessa show. I think Toya’s rise was the most surprising. Been watching since season 1 and I never thought the show would become so centered around her like it is now. Crazy.

    1. Nah just thr Heavenly show… because Toya and Contessa bring nothing but the.same storyline…just more exaggerated. But regardless Quad is doing her thing, praise her instead of throwing shade… that’s all she was saying.

      1. If Contessa and Toya bring nothing but the same, then the same can be said about Heavenly. You can’t accurately say Toya isn’t a main draw when she is literally Audra, Anila, and now Quad’s storylines. Contessa was literally the main storyline last season. And now this season she’s been the one to make stuff pop off with Heavenly. The intervention, clashing with Damon, and trying to fight Heavenly…nah, gotta give Contessa her flowers. The sis is good TV. This is Toya, Heavenly, and Contessa’s show. The producers will tell you the same. This is me putting biases to the side to because it ain’t like I’m a fan. But all 3 are carrying this season on their backs.

  6. Quad used to contribute so much to the show. Now she’s just kind of there. By the end of the episode, I barely notice the little screen time she had. I think she’s lashing out at Toya and Eugene because she doesn’t have anything interesting to offer storyline wise. Don’t be surprised if it comes out that it was Quad who had Anila bring that lady to her party. We weren’t even talking about Quad this season until now. Pay attention.

    1. I mean they all bring a guest…and Quad actually knew Anila’s friend so…I don’t think any harm was done. Heavenly is thr one who brung up the rumor

  7. Ditto to everything everyone has said here about Crazy Quad. Someone needs to make her a tshirt that says “Quad-Money may buy you a new a-s, but it will never buy you class!”

  8. I want to like Quad. Whenever I’m almost there, she does something like this to remind me of why I’ve never been a fan. Nothing Eugene said on this episode warranted this. But what we can always depend on is Quad responding in the most uncouth and ignorant ways possible. I think she’s a very toxic and exhausting person to have in your life friendship or romantic wise. Her ex husband looks happy and he’s glowing. Mariah is happy and stacking up more ventures without Quad as well. Funky Dineva and Heavenly have both said Quad is a draining person to be friends with. I’ll continue to root for her success. She has a gorgeous home. But I can’t get down with her personality. She’s very dramatic and mean.

  9. I’m team Toya… she keeps it 100 …. Quad is a single woman & doesn’t belong around a group of married people… she is Not married to medicine or anything at this point… Go away Quad!!! She needs to stop meddling into other people marriages because she wasn’t woman enough to save her own marriage or keep a man on her own… Bye H-e! Quad!

  10. Let’s be REAL!!!!!! Dr. Jackie, Dr Simone, & Dr Contessa, these 3 have too much Class, to be on this show. Heavenly, Quad, Anika, & The New Gal, are too MESSY and they are all out for Toya & Eugene. THE NEW GAL wouldn’t be my attorney……Money can’t buy you CLASS. Anila, have become so MESSY———Take care of your KIDS because she sound so STUPID on the show, those are your children.

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