RHOP Recap: Ashley Blindsides Candiace + Makes Messy Accusations About Chris

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the relationships within the group continue to evolve. Despite years of bad blood, Candiace opens her heart to a clean slate with Ashley. She even has Ashley come over to her house to catch up amid news of her split from Michael. And Wendy decides to have a “burn session” so she can get in a better space with Gizelle and Robyn. 

Well, the session goes left quickly. Robyn calls out Wendy for telling Ashley that Robyn tried to fight her at the dance class. Tempers flare and Gizelle accuses Wendy of being fake. In her opinion, Wendy wanted to pretend like the drama from the previous season never happened. 

And Ashley makes more accusations about Chris, completely killing any sliver of hope of a friendship in the future. 

Here’s a recap for, “The Burn Session.”

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  1. I truly hope Robyn will take the egg off her face at the reunion and apologize to Wendy after she adamantly denied not being held back by Charisse. Robyn and Gizzelle both have no integrity and they deserve each other.

  2. I’m sick of the double standards on this show. Ashley, Robyn and Gizelle can be mean spirited women to all of the ladies on the cast and apologize to whom they feel is owed an apology, but Wendy and Candiace must be held “ACCOUNTABLE” when they act the same way to the other women on the show. Really?????? And what about holding Robyn Dixon for her aggressiviness and always invading the women women spaces on the show when she walks up to them while arguing????? I can see how Colorism is called into this show time amd time again, with the light skin women thinking they Shat don’t think, while the dark skin women are called out for their stinkiness. Smh

  3. Robyn & Charisse owes Wendy, apology it’s on CAMERA 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. And why is Charisse, on the show no need she doesn’t have a storyline she just starting TROUBLE………Robyn kissing her BUTT too like she kisses Gizelle

  4. Ashely should keep her mouth closed. After that thing she married to. She needs to hide her head. From what what they were saying on the show her man was sleeping with her and men’s. Go in the corner Ashley and be quiet. He put your life on the line. Can you now see where you don’t have room to talk about anyone slim

  5. What is going on here?! Last year, Gizelle, Robyn and Ashley tried to come for Wendy by spreading a rumor about her husband. At which point, Wendy had to gather them succinctly. Now, this year Gizelle, Ashley and Mia are trying to tear down Chris’ character. Mia is clearly lying and trying to co-sign nonsense. It’s funny how the cameras showed that she was a liar. Everyone knows that Ashley’s husband is a cheater and has done some outlandish things on the show and it feels like now that she’s getting divorced she’s vindictively trying to make Chris look bad bc of the things Candance has said about him. And, Giselle’s ex is very well known as a philanderer and liar. The narrative being painted about Chris is disgusting and I see why Candance is angry.

    Robyn and Gizelle need to have several seats!! Wendy did nothing to them. They started that ruckus last year and they’re just embarrassed that she wiped the floor with them. She read them for filth. And, Charisse is going to back Robyn bc that’s her friend but, thank goodness for the footage or the lies would’ve been believed. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ They definitely are eating crow and plenty.

  6. First of all, Ashley needs to learn the difference between an Istagram “DM” and a “comment”. Chris did not slide into her DMs! Also, I’m sure Chris was just being nice not flirting with her friends. She and Gizelle need to stop trashing Chris’ name.

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